Dream about black void

Dream about Black Void signals the rhythm of life. You are living in the old ages. You need to reconnect with a person in your life. Your dream is a sign for a person who is great looking or perhaps you are lusting after someone. You are displaying much strength and stability.

Black Void states your steady progress and direction in life. You have yet to come to terms with someones absence. You are isolating yourself. The dream is a metaphor for your uninhibited nature. You are seeking a sense of security.

Dreaming of Black and Void

Black in your dream indicates your passive and docile nature. Perhaps he is hiding something. You are holding onto a dead past. This dream is a message for your feelings, mood and circumstances that you are currently experiencing. Perhaps, there is a situation that you are unwilling to accept.

Black in this dream is a sign for repressed emotional energies, fertility and virility. You may be expressing a desire to return home. An issue in your life may be clearing up. Your dream expresses your need for some relaxation. You need to learn to sort out your feelings and express them.

Void in dream is a portent for feelings of being lost or uprooted in your life. You are in control of your animalistic and instinctual side. You need to better connect with people. This dream represents your actual concerns about a relationship or your desires to have children. No one is paying attention to what you are saying.

Void dream is a message for internal disagreements or inner conflicts in which you need to find a middle ground. You need to be more frugal and to conserve your resources. You need to focus on the task at hand and try not to let your emotions cloud your judgment. Your dream suggests chastity and abstinence. You may need to repair aspects of your self-image or a relationship.

Dream about both “Black” and “Void” is a sign for a situation in your life that requires strategy, patience and composure. You are feeling restricted or limited with your authority. Some feelings and actions seem more distant. The dream draws attention to cleaning from your troubles and problems. You are feeling like failure or an outcast.

Dream about black void represents hope, success and good fortune in the form of money, prestige, or fame. You feel exposed. You are refusing to acknowledge a certain viewpoint or idea. The dream symbolises an unrest within your subconscious that needs your immediate attention. It is time for you to define and set your own goals.

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I was swimming around in a lake with my boyfriend. We swam towards a pyramid shaped structure coming up out of the water. There was a doorway that went left upon entering and there was a long hallway into total darkness. A current came and swept me through the doorway and down the hallway into the black void. I tired to call out my boyfriends name and couldn’t make a sound as he watched me disappear into the darkness.

Anonymous 1

A dark space with a person standing in it. Ignoring when you try to talk to it. [My dream which has been recurring]

Anonymous 2

This is has been a recurring dream. It started that I was in a temple with three or four other people, and I said to them, “you be better not keep dying here.” And when we came into a room, it was nothing but complete darkness. Except, right in the middle of the black void is a tall column, and what sitting on top of that column seems to be a large tomb. They were in sandy gold color. I either felt fear or that I need to find and stop something. The tomb seems like a teleport to another place.


I dreamt that I was standing in a void. No light, just nothingness. Then I heard someone or something whistle. The whistle was 2 notes, a high note followed by a low note. There was silence for a few seconds and then it repeated. It felt like I was being summoned. I didn’t want to go towards the whistle. I was terrified.
I was so scared that I woke up and my first thought was that I couldn’t go back to sleep, because I wouldn’t wake again.


Black emptiness then a gray wolf head appears and lurches at me. I jumped awake