Dream about blue lipstick

Dream about Blue Lipstick is a symbol for spiritual awakening, wisdom and intuition. Your emotions are clouding your judgment. You need to face reality. This dream is a metaphor for what you need to do in your life. You are ready to move forward toward the future.

Blue Lipstick is a premonition for a time for healing. Love is just around the corner. You need to confront and overcome current difficulties before you can move forward with your life. Your dream hints a brand new project. You are ready to make a brand new start in a new place.

Dreaming of Blue and Lipstick

Blue in your dream is an omen for your hard protective shell. You are trying to escape from the problems of your daily life. You are acknowledging and accepting an unexpressed aspect of yourself. This dream is a metaphor for your lackadaisical attitude. You are being receptive to new information.

Blue in this dream is a signal for your struggles with your career, relationship, or other problem. You are afraid of feeling unneeded or abandoned. Things are being forced upon you. This dream is about purification and blood. You are trying to shield yourself from some higher spirit or force.

Lipstick in dream states cleansing and healing. You are not thinking clearly and are refusing to see the truth. There may be something in the past that you need to incorporate into your current life. This dream means your need to repeat yourself in order to be heard and for others to believe you. You may be trying to escape from the demands of your daily life.

Lipstick dream represents your vulnerabilities. You are putting up a proverbial wall. You have no sense of who this person really are. This dream points at a mental imprint that remains persistent in your mind. You are expecting a new addition to your family.

Dream about both “Blue” and “Lipstick” is a message for your fearlessness in fighting off your opponents, while maintaining your ethics and rights. You are lacking your own direction in life. Vicious rumors by false friends will slander your character. Your dream is unfortunately some nagging or annoying issue. You are trying to shield yourself from some harsh reality.

Dream about blue lipstick stands for wisdom, faith, valor, peace and purity. You are enjoying life to the fullest. It is time to start taking action. The dream is a symbol for your communication skills. You are feeling good about yourself and the work that you are doing.

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