Dream about buried snake

Dream about Buried Snake is passion and enthusiasm for life. The time is passing you by. You are reevaluating your values and making changes to your belief system. Your dream is a clue for disruption and chaos. You want to move forward at your own pace and by your own power.

Buried Snake points to the image that you portray to others and the way which you go about your life. You are giving up some of your power. You need to acknowledge a negative aspect of you and confront it. This dream is an indication for your authoritative power. You are longing for the child within you.

Dreaming of Bury and Snake

Bury in your dream stands for your need to be more assertive. You are ready to heal from some emotional wound. You may need to do some soul searching and self-improvement. The dream indicates your desires for a relationship or that a new relationship is blossoming. An issue or a task at hand may be trickier than you had anticipated.

Bury in this dream is a harbinger for some goal, person, or ideal which you have lost track of. You abandoned certain values or ideals when you moved to another place. Do not judge people according to their appearance. Your dream is a hint for issues with authority and seeking approval. You need to be more forgiving in some situation.

Snake in dream points to the merging of the child and adult within yourself. There is a secret you are keeping. You need to approach your goals from a different angle. This dream is aspects of yourself that were prominent or developed during the time you lived in your home. There is something in your life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced.

Snake dream states your primal emotional desire. Some person or situation is violating an aspect of your life. There is something in your life that you are struggling with. This dream is an indication for the current state of your body while you are dreaming. You may be being deceived.

Dream about both “Bury” and “Snake” is a premonition for a relationship that has gone sour. You may have allowed some situation to take a turn for the worse. Someone is trying to bring down your self-confidence. The dream is an indication for any object, animal, place associated with your country. You are unable to commit to something.

Dream about buried snake points to your quest for power. Perhaps you are transitioning into a new career, new home, or new life path. You are cautious about what you share with others. This dream denotes self-exploration and discovery. You are moving on and planning for the next thing that comes your way.

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I was with a few people in a fenced backyard by a forest. We planned to create a creek for water supply from a river. But as 1 person was digging, she revealed a black pvc pipe with 1 dead snake. I wondered “why would anyone bury a snake?”
As they continue digging towards the fence, more Buried snakes in pvc pipe. I went closer to the wooden fence to inspect, I accidentally bumped on a basket by overgrown weeds. Lady told me, “hold still” she pulled out a small yellow Snake in my hair. Relieved