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Dream about carrying a baby on my back

Dream about Carrying A Baby On My Back points to your unused potential. There is a conflict between your physical and emotional well being. You have new responsibilities and duties that will require your time and attention. The dream states confidence, conquest and vitality. Acknowledging your feelings is the key to a happy and rewarding life.

Carry in your dream points to an unwelcome guest. You need to be more careful and methodical in your endeavors. You need to preserve your energy. The dream refers to a need for enjoyment or a distraction. You need to think things through and consider all your options.

Baby dream is a symbol for feelings of being unwanted or unloved. You need to coordinate some mass movement. You have been misbehaving and have been caught in the act. This dream states uncleanness or fertility. You are feeling overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your control.

Back dream hints some embarrassing situation. You are not doing your fair share. There is a situation or relationship that you need to revive. This dream points to your desire to be helpful and supportive to others. You want to succeed on your own terms.

Dreaming of Carry and Baby and Back

Dream About Carry Baby denotes renewal, a new way of being, a new attitude toward life, or a new approach toward others. You have a fresh outlook in life. Perhaps, there is something that you need to remember. This dream is a clue for peace and serenity. You may be feeling vulnerable and are in need of comfort.

Dream about Carrying A Baby On My Back is an evidence for your drive, energy and determination. You need clarity in some matter. You are undergoing a transitional phase and are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. Your dream is about good luck, pleasure, success in love and satisfaction with your life. You are about to learn an important lesson.

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I had a dream whereby i was carrying a baby on my back and he attempted to fall while i was busy playing with another boy in front of me but i quicly manage to carry him tight before he could fall.. Can i please have the meaning of this dream please


I met some friends on the road and I fist bumped all of them and then my cousin’s baby momma passed by. She left her baby girl with me and I put the baby on my back. She went to my place, but she slept in my bed instead of my cousin’s so, my cousin started to beat her and when I got there he thought I wanted to sleep with her and he started fighting with me, but luckily people came to stop the fight.


I had a dream carrying a baby boy on my back, who did not have cloths and I have lost everything I had even my house and being offered a place to stay by people


I had a dream of myself carrying a baby on my back in a rural area. I was also pushing a wheelbarrow full of dirty dresses and i had go and wash in a far away stream. I had To climb hills before reaching the stream.
Please help me what does the dream mean


I dreamt about backing a baby in
someone traditional wedding. And in the dream, I was so happy to back the baby


I dreamt carrying a newborn baby on my back in rural areas trying to catch a taxi to take a baby to a clinic or doctor then met a group of males in a slow motion toyitoying carrying sticks and knobkieries walk past them then came across others holding a thick long plastic pipe with a light flashing but fighting me to return home as they wanted no one to catch any form of transport I begged and they fought me until I surrender because I was trying to save the baby’s life as the baby was having a


I dreamt that I was in a taxi with my sister and I saw my old school mate behind as so I stop to asked them if they needed my help but non of them spoke to me,as I was getting back into the taxi I was carrying a baby at my back and I saw a man also open the back seat door to sit in the taxi and we drove off


Hi good morning, I dream of carrying my baby boy on my back and I was trying to climb a staircase and a celebrity was asking if he could help me and hold my child so I can climb the step and I told him that my boy is heavy and he helps me to carry my baby and I climb the step


Someone giving me a baby to carry at my back

Nokuthula Trudy

I drean about carrying a baby on my back i was at work but i was afraid of the cameras to see my baby


I dreamt about carrying a baby on my back but the cloth I used to carry the baby was messy and worn out/ torn. What does it mean?


I dream that im walking wit 2 people, one is my colleague and the other lady I don’t know. But I’m carrying a baby, I can’t remember if it was a boy otmr girl. And as we walk down this road my colleague went on her knees and faced the ground and the next thing I see is that she have been kneeling or letting allowing a car drove over her with his two wheels…


Carrying my mature child on my back as a baby in a dream

Tochukwu Ezedioramma

Dream that I was standing at my uncle shop that is opposite a church in a street, my uncle was holding his jaw and he looked unhappy,suddenly i saw a young man carrying two white coffins on an oncoming bike, I started wondering, people who were was passing by were talking and I started listening to know if I will get any gist from them but it seems that they were confused too.then I look at the direction of the church and saw many beautiful white coffins standing in line in front of the church


I had 2 dreams

1, my tonsillitis we long and coming out of my mouth and a parse was dripping from them. I was among group of people and was driving a family old/first car, it looked repainted

2. Dreamt of a huge brown snake on a side of the road, chasing a lady I know from my local pharmacy, and then it turn and chased me into the house and attacked me, in this dream I was carrying a baby on my back.


I dreamt I was carrying a baby in my back I was with the father of the baby and also I bought unpeal peanut I give the person change and also dash out some changes of the money


I dreamt the old lady trying to put the baby on my back but it kept falling down


I dreamed my husband and I were riding and made several bathroom stops. When I got out to use the restroom I walked into a long corridor of restrooms that filled up with women as I was going along and the floor turned into dirt. I ended up breaking up an agreement as I was finishing up between a group of young ladies bullying an older woman. I then noticed a baby swaddled on my back sleeping through the whole ordeal. Going back to my husband the room turned into a forest with the baby on me.


I dreamed seeing the Lady caring a baby on her back and the baby was sleeping so I was helping to fix the baby ‘s head because it was not in a proper position


Hi i dreamt of carrying a baby on my back and at same time been chased by an unknown man with a cutlass. I ran into a room and in it was a big wardrobe i fell to the ground and the wardrobe fell on me covering me and the baby while the man with cutlass paced around in search of us and got tire, meanwhile he had already slutterd two age people looking like my parents.


I dreamt that whoever was the father of my child had hit a tree and just left my baby in the back seat and I ran to get him,Then me and two other ppl were walking and so I started carrying him on my back until I finally just wrapped him in my jacket and held him in my arms Then I ran into my cousin on the walk and he was asking to hold my baby. But I was telling him he didn’t have any pants on so keep him wrapped up and so he didn’t and I took my baby back


I dreamt about Carrying a baby at my back, I don’t know if it is mine. I kept on moving from one place to another with the baby

Frank Gh

Hi, please, my girlfriend had a dream riding a bicycle whiles carrying a baby on her back.
Kindly help me with the interpretation.

Anna Walker Swift

Hello! I dreamt about a small baby carrying another small baby on it’s back. Both of them were really small (not more than 1 years)


I dreamt of a life snake with two heads and was running to meet my mum to kill the snake and someone sitting close to my mum was trying to put a baby to sleep,because of the way I shouted,the baby woke up and she said I should carry the baby,while she went to kill the snake,and I carried the baby on my back,then she killed the snake.


My ex-mother in law was helping me get ready for my journey. Then she said – ‘oh don’t forget ….’ referring to a baby girl. I don’t know if she was mine but I went to her. She was with relatives who were smoking in the front seat of a car and she was in the back. I picked her up and she was a baby but not newborn. She was in a skirt and had bare arms and torso. I found a top for her. It was hard if I held her- so found a backpack. I felt good carrying her headed towards the train alone

Bilqis Tahir

Dream of me carrying baby on my back and holding one in my hands plz I need answers.


Hi, I dreamt about my baby carrying on my back and the baby shirt and its all on my hand.


I dreamt carrying a baby on my back among a lot of people suddenly a strange animal came and chased only me among everyone and it finally caught me and bite me severally

Lucy terry

I dreamt with the father of my kid whom he abandoned he was on his working desks while her messager girl was my friend I with her we were standing next to to him and I was carrying his kid on my back with an expensive rapper but I had not taking care for the kid eg giving him food etc. While he was placing the paper s he was working on in the trey he sow me and look at me attentiv but I walked away


Am looking forward to conceive
And I always dream of carry a baby at my back sometimes it maybe new born but sometimes it May not


I had a dream that am carrying a baby at my back,i crossed a bridge and later realised the baby was missing at my back.


I had a dream when I was standing with a man in a beautiful house but it was empty and that man was carrying my son on his back and we were looking at each other happy and I kissed him on his chest and he blushed while smiling. We were happy. What’s the meaning of that?

Valentine k.

While there,I decided to go back home but rest a little. While sitting down, i saw a familiar face. We spoke and immediately he left, I saw two men wearing soldier uniforms carrying guns, standing on the corner and pointing towards me like they were trying to confirm my identity. Then they started shooting, one of them walked towards me, I was already on the floor, throw a gun at me as if I should use to defend myself and continued shooting at me. I laid on the ground, playing Dead and I woke up

Valentine k.

Continued from previous message; I took a boy child about 4yrs old who seems to be mine on my back to take a walk through the market of tomatoes and other foodstuffs. On the way, we got to a male onion seller who was sitted on the floor with the onions. He was the last seller on the road. He asked where I was going and I replied I was just taking a stroll, in my mind I was thinking what was his business with where I was going. Then I walked into a barren place. To be continued

Valentine k.

I was in my current house in the dream sleeping but was weak with noise from outside the house, I stepped out and saw like a clothe market in my compound. Different sellers selling clothes from the boot of their cars and buyers patronizing. I stepped back inside and awoke into another dream where I heard the same noise outside, I stepped out to see a compound full of people both buyers and sellers of tomato and other foodstuffs.


I don’t have children I dreamed of a baby 4 times, the 1st time I was carrying the baby she was peaceful, 2nd time the baby was on my lap peaceful and laughing, 3rd time the baby was on my back asleep and peaceful while walking around, 4, I also once dreamed holding a baby inside a clean pool, clear sparkling water and the baby was laughing.


I dreamt carrying a baby at my back but do not know whether is a boy or girl, i was carry this baby from my formal house, and immediately i step out o the house i saw one of uor neighborhood house on fire massively and the air eas blowing the roofing to the opposite house of the buolding on fire and also toward my direction, i trying going back to my formal house to prevent the fire from reach me but i was weak and i made it. I was fighting and beat my partner inthe dream in my formal house

Olaitan Molayo

Hi,. I often dreamt that I was carrying my baby boy on my back something hugging him and Happy together what that’s means

Christine Nakalema

I dreamt carrying a baby on my back, and carrying a heavy bag on my head and also had a grown up baby boy one behind me also carrying some things


I dreamt about carrying a heavy baby boy at my back and there’s a crowd of people around me and my sister is there the place is so beautiful and my mother is there but I can’t reach her because there’s a stairs and those stairs are unstable I climbed three stairs and I am afraid to continue because when I walk over them because of heaviness at back I see they crack.But my sister was able to go inside and come back with a feedback that my mom is ok .


I dreamt going back to school to finish the classes I didn’t finish and when it was time for break I went out carrying a baby on my back I met some brown girl child in the toilet and I met another very brown boy child while walking back to class


Hi dreamt I was carrying a baby on my back with wedding preparations being made for me. My boyfriend ho is not my baby daddy tells me he promises love me and my son and he’s keeping that promise. My aunt is also giving me advise while I kneel top on the floor listening to her, telling me I should refrain from being angry and short tempered. Elderly people are around.


I dreamt about having my own baby. I was carrying her on my back then hold her on my arms, so i was urgently going somewhere and i left her with someone. When i came back they said my baby was dead, she was even in a coffin..I cried and wanted to see her and they opened, and there she is, making movements with her body and mouth as if she was trying to breath but it was difficult. I asked them to give me my child and take her to the hospital and they refused, instead they finished her off

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