Dream about child falling from height

Dream about Child Falling From Height is a portent for the weight and pressure you feel on you. You are loving life. It is your turn to make the next move. The dream points to humility, warmth and openness. You feel well protected.

Child in your dream expresses your feelings of vulnerability and your need to be protected. You are putting too much emphasis on outward appearances. You need to calm-down especially during difficult times. The dream hints shattered hopes. You are straying away from some commitment or relationship.

Fall dream is a harbinger for material loss. Something is too good to be true. You can still get your way without use of force. This dream symbolises death, darkness and the subconscious. You are feeling troubled by some issue.

Height in this dream is an indication for the end of a cycle, aging or death. You are hoping someone would look your way more often. The key to overcoming your fear is to discuss them and deal with them openly. The dream is a sign for your feelings of loneliness and emptiness. You have outstretched yourself into too many responsibilities.

Dreaming of Child and Fall and Height

Dream About Child Falling is about a wide range of things. You are liberating an aspect of yourself that you have been suppressing or that you have previously not expressed. You are expressing some regret. Your dream signifies memories. You may have a gentle facade, but you are still rugged on the inside.

Child and Height is an omen for your commitment and dedication. Things may look bleak or dark now, but things will look up. You need to get up and exercise more! This dream is a sign for an idea has been developing or will take to develop. Something is rewinding.

Dream About Fall From Height is an evidence for your ability to take advantage of what life has to offer. You are living in the past and clinging onto memories. You need to move on and let go. The dream signals opportunities and welcomed expectations. You are seeking your own individuality and development.

Dream about Child Falling From Height points at a message or advice that comes with a price. You may be recreating new paths of expression and perhaps a rebirth. Your mind is your own. This dream means a smooth transition. Something is affecting your mood and attitude.

Sometimes, dream about child falling from height represents some regret or failure in your endeavors. Your life is too much of a routine. You may be proceeding too quickly in trying to discover your subconscious thoughts. The dream is a portent for teamwork, conformity and structure. You feel that you have missed out on some opportunity in life.

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I just dreamed that my eldest son just fell from a monkey bar type stair case after playing on it so confidently. He slipped through from a very tall height before I could grab him. Then I woke.


I dreamt of my sister holding the baby from a very high seating, and she got off balanced and they both fell on the floor and the baby started crying, not that loud, and I carried the baby and tried to calm him down. And then I woke up. I remember other details, it was a really cute baby boy, and it appeared that it is my big sister’s baby, not the one who dropped the baby. In real life though my sister has no babies yet.


Dreamed I was walking g my dog near a tower/Castle and a child fell/slide down a mud wall near me. He started to have seizure as I was checking him for injuries. Suddenly an old man came and help the kid down until help arrived. I traveled with him to hospital and hold his hand. Then I woke up in a panic. I don’t have kids.

Britt Ayoub

My husband, daughter and I were playing on the beach. My husband climbed up the cliff and sat next to my daughter, patted her on the back and she fell off the cliff and hit her head on the beach.

Omar vega

Had a dream I told my daughter dont over look the view to much you can fall and she did and she fell over the view of a building and landed in a dumpster the dream seem so real .


I dreamt that my teenage son and I were standing on top of a 20 story blue bus in our old neighborhood. He was holding my hand and jumped up in the air from the very top. We didn’t land back on the extremely tall blue bus and were free falling holding hands. I could feel my stomach dropping falling with him towards the pavement before it stopped.


Hi can you interpret my dream? I dreamt me and my son were planning on going sky diving and when I was getting my parashoot on he walked off the plane he didn’t know it was dangerous and I ran over I looked over the plane he fell into the ocean in my dream I kept hoping he would be alive i was about to jump off with my shoot then I woke up. It was very traumatic for me I woke up crying for at least 30 min i it was one of my top worst nightmares and very realistic!


I dreamt my two young daughters and I were playing near a plunging cliff with water, and rocks at the bottom. Across the gap people were cliff jumping into the water below. Two men jumped first off of the cliff into the water. My oldest daughter jumped and was caught by one of the men, and my youngest was caught by the other. It was my turn to jump into the water, I was scared and asked if anyone at the bar would buy me a shot. Everyone declined. I woke before I jumped.


Thank you, for your response ❤

Fatou Bojang

I dream that my only daughter was following my elder sister but my daughter was not watching where she was going and she fell from a high building and I was so scared that she will get hurt but there was a lady I was sitting next to that place that told me dont worry nothing will happen to her cuz she is not heavy


I dream that my daughter fell from the terrace, i went down and see her laying on the ground, there was blood. I hold her she was unconscious but heard she was still breathing, i was panicking and carry her to bring to the hospital, when i turn back i saw someone is carrying her too and she was talking lively where is she taking to. What does that mean? I’m so confused.


My dream was that my 4 yr old fell right in the middle of flights of stairs. I didn’t grab him in time and we heard the pop when he hit the floor. He was alive and could walk. But his face was swollen


I had a dream my son was trying to touch the moon that was bright orange in a sky filled with fire, he reached for the moon and went over the cliff, I couldn’t catch him, my movements were all too slow, I barely cried


I just dreamt about an infant child falling towards me from a height..but before I could catch it , my eyes opened..plus I dont think would have caught the baby..it was a scary dream


I had a dream about me and my kids dad arguing about getting her down to be in front of me didn’t want her falling we were on the tallest floor my son was behind me when I looked at my daughter to the side I’m like don’t you look down there and she went up like if she was flying. Once i called for Their dads name to come back and get her she flew out and was flying and I came down the pole trying to catch her and I just woke thinking it was true

Xochitl M

I had a dream that I was in a parking garage and then it turned into a home for a family and a baby from that family was crawling along the ledge of the balcony/parking garage and it seemed like no body cared that the baby was practically dangling off the edge


I was keeping an eye on my young son age 7 who snuck out and started walking along a busy downtown area. I’m following him as he carelessly navigates a busy intersection. When I call his name to watch out I realize my husband was also following- so we run after him. My son seemingly makes his way towards the sidewalk but soon realize he is unknowingly walking upon a ledge. We both yell for him to stop but we see him fall over at great heights and land in the water. We watch him drowning in agony


I dreamt my two year old daughter falling from the top of a wood apple tree. I was trying to catch her but it seemed impossible. I shouted aloud. It was just me and my daughter even the wife was not in the visinity.


about my 3 year old sister falling down a height, we were on stairs with a hole down and in order to get to the top the stairs get very narrow and you have to hold a metal and basically tip toe you way to the other side. She manages to get past that and as I’m waiting for her she slips and falls down. not directly down, she first falls on a woman whom also on her way up.I got down crying hysterically, she was unconscious and wrapped in a blanket from the ambulance. I call her and she wakes up.


I dreamt my young daughter was going down stairs and tried to jump across to this platform, missed and fell from really high before I could grab her, I watched her hit the ground while screaming, she was still moving then I woke. It felt very distressing.

Natasha D.

All of a sudden I was in my room and saw my husband playing a video game. The TV he was playing the game on turned to another channel and I saw my daughters friend calling me from the back seat of a car, my daughter talking about our good times, then my daughter getting out of that car with her friends, my daughter and her friends walking to a cliff and then they all jumped as she yelled “weeeeee”. I woke up in tears…. the dream was so real. Then I found this website.

What does this mean?


I dreamed of my kid falling off the bridge and died


My daughter fell from our balcony. I remember feeling anger for a split second at her disobedience to being on the balcony alone. I was reluctant and that’s what’s puzzling me – I was like thinking in my dream about the trouble she would cause my reputation career and life goals by her falling. When I went down the stairs I picked my baby up and She was still breathing and I was very glad for that. I thought “I’d better call an ambulance” but then I woke up before I could …and I felt guilty.


I had a dream that I was out walking with my daughter(4) and her friend, there was cliff edges all around the path we were walking on and I had to keep shouting them back, at one point they both fell, they didn’t drop but were hanging to a branch then I woke very emotionally.


Good day,
Please interpret.Dreamt I was walking with an ex colleague/friend and adult son around building of my workplace, after having a terrible encounter inside the workplace.
I was walking ahead of them; my son being concerned and focusing on me, did not see the deep hole & fell into it!
He ended at the bottom of a deep pit. When we got him out, I ended up screaming,” I need you to stop, end your concern for me, and focus on yourself”, over an injured Son!

Martina e 45

I had a dream me and my two children were on a ride one side goes up at a time as our side went up in the air we all felt unsafe my daughter screamed so I held them tight. As it went up the second time it went too far and my daughter dropped out to the ground she all of a sudden seemed now teenage age a got up and walked off and I screamed my daughter please come back let a medic look at you. Just before the dream I was in another dream my baby was outside the garden on his own when I looked out


I had a dream that I had just parked a car and the person I was coming to see was going somewhere with a group of friends to practice and record a dance. She asked me to watch her young daughter and her daughter started mimicking the dance routine and misjudged how far she was from the drop off and fell from the parking deck. For some reason in order for me to call 911 I had to use a landline as I went to go find the land line two dogs got loose and chased me. I had to climb up something…..


Thank you so much


I dreamt of my daughter calling someone from a 3 storey, something like a balcony without railings, standing on a chair. Her dad was there but was not looking. When she turned to sit down, she fell off the ground on her but, she was alive but I can feel the bones on her butt was dislocated and we were rushing to get to the hospital


Had a terrible dream followed with a sign.My 2yr old.sneaks into the balcony of a high rise and gets stuck in some wires. I run to help but he loses grip right in front of me and falls. I panic run down to only see blood on the ground. I am screaming trying to find him and asking people if was breathing. They say he wasn’t and taken away. I am in unbearable pain crying to my husband that my heat hurts. I wake up crying close to 6am. Suddenly the pool light start blinking which is set to 6pm!!!!


I dreamed me and a little boy was looking for something. He start to run and he climbed up this tall wall where a staircase was behind that wall.and fell over inside a staircase but he didn’t fall into the water. He held on. I called his name and asked if he could hear me. He stated he could and he said you know I cant swim. Then I started shouting for the people to call the Fire truck. That’s the end


I had a dream that my 4 year old fell from a 100ft tall tree..


❤️ wow, thank you for clarifying!


My son now 13 months climbed over a ledge and had been facing the structure…. I called out his fathers name not one but two times in fear and the baby stepped backwards and fell. For a split second i was in shock and i ran down about 4 flights of stairs to his rescue… he didn’t cry until i picked him up so i laid him back down slowly and called 911…. I woke up shortly after.


I dreamed I was picking my son up from school and he fell in a puddle of moving water face down and start floating away. I picked him up and he was ok. We then walked up some steps. Once he got to the top I told him to stop. He stop, sat down where his feet hung and jumped to his death. I scream my friend name and woke up.


I had a dream my son was sleeping on a hammock but under was a hole that led deep down and my mom tried to take him off but he slipped out her hands and I watched him falling from that high distance but immediately woke up after that before anything else happened. It was so scary.


I Dreamed that me and my daughter were on the 12th floor and I wanted to help her jump into the other side but she fell to the ground. I watched her live less body from above.
Then I decided to follow her. I jumped but when I reached the ground I didn’t get hurt and she was alive with just a twisted arm which I fixed


Hi pls interpret my dream. I had a dream my son was on the railing of a staircase on the second flight of stairs & wants to slide down but loses his balance. I tried grabbing him by his pants but he slide off & fell on the ground with his head 1st. On the lower stair a man just stood & watched. i came to the bottom & he was still awake & I was dialing for help & the man too. Then I woke up


hy i had a dream my husband was telling me my son fell down and hit his head and his head is open in the middle ,when i asked them where is he they showed me a boy way younger than my son and he had tears on his face and a running nose.


I dreamt my son fell from a very very tall tree. My sons navy hat fell first then he fell. I saw the fall from a distance and ran towards where he fell thinking he was dead. As I ran towards where he lay I was thinking the worst. When I got closer I saw his feet wiggling and him sitting up. I cried so hard he was alive and I woke up with my heart beating so fast.


I watched my 7 year old son start to walk on the top of a playground structure like it was a balance beam, as I was watching nearby. As I called out to him, he fell… his arms reached out, and my husband was all of a sudden in the vision on the staircase of a slide nearby and caught him by grabbing hands. It was such a high fall. It was so disturbing to watch but an obvious relief. I woke up so scared.

Snehal Solapure

I saw my son was skatting in house n he went near the window of our hall and fell down from 10th floor and i woke up


I had a dream about both my daughters, we were climbing an icy mountain and i gave my oldest daughter the stroller to push her sister and i asked her to be careful not to be so close to the edge and all i saw was the stroller rolling and my 7 month old fell of the edge and i couldn’t grab her all i heard was screaming, then i woke


Hi, I dreamt my 1 year old was up a high tree and fell to the ground, she then became silent and the dream moved to a hospital setting. Can you help me understand this dream?


I saw my baby boy sleeping with my sister and he fell from bed and started crying but not that bad. I calmed him down and made him sleep. Then I see people lighting crackers like diwali situation, loud music trying to play while my baby is sleeping. Then i see him fallling once again from same bed but i m able to catch him this time. What does it mean?


I had a dream that my 8 month old was falling from high places and the weird part was the high place was a construction site underground with lions and hyenas the first thing she fell off of was some scaffolding and the second one was rafters. I don’t understand why I have dreams like this but it isn’t the first time I’ve had dreams like this. Please help me understand


I dreamed my 2 1/2 year old daughter fell from very high into water and I jumped in behind her to save her and I did it was so scary


I dreamed that my husband died. And because I didn’t have nobody to leave my son with, I took him at my work place. He is 5 but in the dream he was around 2.5-3yo, and in a pushchair. Somehow he crawl out and fall down through the stair rail. I tried to catch him but was to late. Stood there, holding the rail with both hands and watched how he is falling dozens of floors with his eyes and arms straight up at me., And me Just hopping someone will catch him.


i dreamt I was holding a child as I was walking down a very high fire escape. The child was unruly and I was unable to catch them in time before they fell out of my range and down to their death

Krisael E Resendiz

I dreamed that my 4 yr old son was saying bye from the top balcony of the apartments it was pretty high too and that i looked up and seen him and i was going to say go back because your are going to fall and before i can say anything he accidently fell and i seen the impact of him falling i got out the car stopped traffic because he fell in to 3 lane road and he died and i just went down on my knees and looked at him caress his face and scream no!!and i woke up.


Hi hope youre well.
I’ve been watching alot of medim TV shows (suddendly obsessed for 2 weeks now). I dreamed of little boy (4yrs) running past me to the left (sonic style) and immediatley after that a baby fell out of my hands from height and i woke up trying to save the baby.


Makes perfect sense.Thank you.


Me and my daughter was returning items to the store she was leaning on the cart. As she leaned on the cart and she went over the side of the 2nd floor and fell in to the cash register before I could grab her. I immediately ran down stairs and said olivia and she laid there with a slight smile and I work up. I wasn’t sure how hurt she was but she did move some.


I dreamt my son fell from a tall story building he died and I was the only one crying at this function that was supposed to be a celebration