Dream about clothes missing

Dream about Clothes Missing stands for a protective force over you. Perhaps you are isolating yourself. You are ready to move forward in some project or endeavor. This dream is a hint for erupting emotions. You are extremely in tune with your emotions.

Clothes Missing points to some significant spiritual development and supernatural energy. You may be experiencing the burdens and responsibilities involved with taking care and providing for a family. You are overwhelming others with your demands and strong opinion. Your dream is a harbinger for pleasurable but costly journeys. You will receive help from an unexpected source.

Dreaming of Clothes and Miss

Clothes in your dream is a harbinger for for you to recognize and acknowledge some repressing feelings. Perhaps you are going through some crisis. Perhaps, you are struggling with your individuality and independence, especially in some aspect of your relationship. The dream stands for the emotional difficulties that you experience in life. You may be ignoring or avoiding an important family/emotional issue.

Clothes in this dream states your issues of dependency and your desires to be completely cared for. You need to get something off your chest. You are having trouble expressing and verbalizing your feelings. The dream is sometimes fear or uncertainty regarding a relationship. Your subconscious is trying to pull you in so you can address the issues that you have been refusing to confront or acknowledge.

Miss in dream draws attention to an unmet need. You need to gather your strength and stand up for yourself. There is something that you do not want to know. This dream is about your comfort zone and knowing your limitations. You want to recapture something that you have lost, but once valued or cherished.

Miss dream is a sign for security, nurturance, protection and feminine qualities. You feel you are being scrutinized and criticized. There is something that you are not expressing to each other. Your dream is an omen for your maternal eagerness or your desires to feel needed. You may be rebelling against some situation in your life.

Dream about both “Clothes” and “Miss” is a signal for some negative person or force in your life. You are not using your head. You are not being completely honest. The dream is a premonition for sadness, gloom and ill health. You may be more incline to confront issues that you would normally ignore or are afraid of bringing up.

Dream about clothes missing is a harbinger for your openness and how you communicate with others. Some new project is in the works. You may be questioning your feelings about relationship, marriage, love and gender roles. This dream is a hint for the archetypal dream helper who is offering you insight and advice. You may also feel the need to show off and impress others.

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I went to school with only towel wrapped around me in my dream


I always dream of going to school. but I always cant find my clothes or shoes, sometimes clothes are too small or wet , shoes are small or have no pair. I feel negative about my dream. what could this mean?


I had a dream that all my clothes in my closet had been taken away. What does it mean


Dreamt of clothes hanged on the terrace wall and the some of them and some money kept along with the coats / clothes go missing probably because of high winds. Not able to find some of them on the terrace wall sometime later


Dream of losing cloths in a flood


I couldn’t find good clothes to wear for a party woth peers I had to go to.. so i end up not going there, instead i go to another gathering with older people.