Dream about collecting white ants

Dream about Collecting White Ants is a premonition for harmony and domestic bliss. You are preying on others. You are reflecting on your thoughts and emotions. This dream is a sign for how you feel about the surrounding. Good luck and hope will be coming your way in small and steady amounts.

Collect in your dream denotes loneliness. You need to work on some aspect if yourself and better your mind or body. You are being cut off from your spiritual being and being out of touch with yourself. The dream states sadness and a need to be uplifted. You need to be more sharing and giving.

White dream denotes feelings that you have been wronged or treated unfairly. You need to integrate aspects of your mind and your body. You are not sure what you want to do and where you want to go. Your dream points to some indiscretion or thoughtlessness. You need to learn to say no.

Ant in this dream is a clue for discordance in your domestic relations and setbacks in your business affairs. You need to be less passive and stand up for yourself. Your support is needed in some cause. The dream is an indication for your ability to block out certain aspects of a problem. Perhaps you have concerns about aging and growing old.

Dreaming of Collect and White and Ant

Collect and White is about your need for self-discovery and self-awareness. There is still more growing that you need to do. You are feeling anti-social. The dream is a signal for power and the qualities or feelings that rule your life. There are secrets that a person knows about and you are trying to keep those secrets from coming out.

Collect and Ant is a sign for your preoccupation with appearances and beauty over substance and quality. Your non-traditional path to success will make you stand out from the rest. You are letting your heart guide you, despite your better judgment. The dream indicates festivities, pleasure and joy. You are diagnosed with madness or that you are mad.

Dream About White Ants symbolises fear of being exposed. You need to show your boyfriend/girlfriend some appreciation and compassion for all the work that he/she does. Some situation or relationship is emotionally draining you. Your dream is a metaphor for knowledge, wisdom and great prosperity. You need more motivation and encouragement.

Dream about Collecting White Ants is a signal for advice that some of their songs may offer in some situation. You are experiencing deep financial worries. You are questioning your own abilities. This dream expresses individual power. Carefully plot out your goals so you can move ahead in life.

Sometimes, dream about collecting white ants hints self-doubt and fears of not achieving your goals. You are only limited by your imagination. You may feel outnumbered or pressured and are unable to deal with this situation. Your dream is a signal for feelings of anxieties or connected to your daily stress, especially if you are too worried. You may have lost your direction or lost sight of your goals.

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