Dream about deceased lovers

Dream about Deceased Lovers is a harbinger for the ups and downs of your emotions. Your inner fears are hindering your growth and progress. You need to escape from the daily grind and relax. Your dream is a clue for your perceptiveness, insightfulness and observation. You will win out in some argument, battle or negotiation.

Deceased Lovers signifies justice, authority and absolute power. Something new is about to happen. You need to let the beauty from within shine through. The dream is a sign for your missed opportunities for growth and pleasure. You confront some obstacles head on without hesitation.

Dreaming of Deceased and Lover

Deceased in your dream states the obstacles in your life. Love and wealth will quickly vanish if you are not cautious and continue to carry on your careless way. Your own vision is in conflict with someone else’s. Your dream represents jealousy, lust or temptation. There is some misunderstanding in a personal relationship or business situation.

Deceased in this dream expresses a project that is about to take off. You need to be more compassionate or giving. You need to be more independent and resourceful instead of relying on others. This dream indicates some major change in your current relationship. You need to keep your temper in check.

Lover in dream suggests your aggressive feelings and hidden anger toward a particular person. Perhaps you are looking for an outlet to express your raw emotions. You are feeling victimized. This dream is a harbinger for a physical relationship that you are involved in, but have no emotional bond. Even though you know that it is unhealthy to avoid this issue, you continue to do so.

Lover dream indicates a desperate need for greater closeness with your father. Perhaps you have been a little cold-hearted and insensitive. A force may be driving you to self-destruction. This dream expresses life’s journey and how you are performing or feeling. You need to find a way to confront and deal with your hostile feelings.

Dream about both “Deceased” and “Lover” is unfortunately phoniness, fakeness and deceit. You have not analyzed a situation long enough or that you do not want to deal with the problem at all. You are experiencing some major emotional turmoil that needs to be confronted and resolved. The dream draws attention to issues of power/control and feelings of dependence/independence, especially in a relationship. You are introducing something into yourself that is harmful to your well-being.

Dream about deceased lovers points to an important situation that will burden you for a while. History repeats itself. There is an issue that you are refusing to confront. The dream signals joy, contentment and happiness. Perhaps you are refusing to see the truth.

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