Dream about difficult birth

Dream about Difficult Birth states power and fertility. Somebody offered you advice or comfort in your time of need. Someone is preventing you from knowing the truth. Your dream is sometimes unknown and major changes that are occurring in your life. You need to confront some issues.

Difficult Birth indicates your eccentric thinking. You are taking advantage of others. You are in a relaxed state of mind. Your dream is a portent for truth and justice. Your emotions are clouding your judgment.

Dreaming of Difficult and Birth

Difficult dream states the necessity of hard work. You are trying to cover up your true feelings. You are being insulted or disrespected. This dream is a metaphor for emotional issues and problems. You need to take some time for yourself to relax and free your mind.

Difficult in this dream is a metaphor for temporary setbacks toward achieving your goals. You are being overly judgmental of others or of some situation. You need to regain your energy and health. This dream is a sign for egotism, deceit or pride. An essential aspect of your emotions have been cut off.

Birth in dream is a harbinger for your selfishness and overindulgence. You may be afraid to ask for help and as a result tend to take matters into your own hands. You need to control your temper. The dream is a premonition for business, productivity, energy and bustling activity. You are involved in some secretive or underhanded activity.

Birth dream signals your readiness for an upcoming task or event. You need to get to the point. You are becoming too indifferent. This dream points at your negative actions. You are under some extreme pressure or stress.

Dream about both “Difficult” and “Birth” is unfortunately a warning alert for a lack of self-confidence and embarrassment. You have gained too much from your experiences and you are going to apply them to your current circumstances. Perhaps you are lacking your own identity. Your dream is an omen for some unfinished feelings that you have left behind. You are estranged from your children.

Dream about difficult birth refers to overspending. You are able to let go of your problems and rise above the situation. Some current knowledge or information will help you or someone in the future. The dream is an omen for an aspect of yourself that you are ashamed of or are refusing to acknowledge. You are feeling over-burdened and pressured.

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