Dream about dirty person

Dream about Dirty Person refers to domestic bliss and inner nourishment. You need to learn to forgive yourself. You feel that you are being taken for granted. Your dream is a hint for your enriching and fulfilling life. You are dwelling on how things used to be.

Dirty Person refers to your protective nature. You need to listen to others. You are unprepared in undertaking the project at hand. This dream stands for your taste for exquisite and expensive things in life. You need to be proud of what you have accomplished.

Dreaming of Dirty and Person

Dirty in your dream is about chastity and abstinence. You are experiencing some sort of heartache or heartbreak. Your repressed emotions are overwhelming you. The dream stands for unresolved issues from the past. You are being unjustly blamed for something.

Dirty in this dream is a symbol for your subconscious desires to get back with your ex. You are trying to control what is being revealed about yourself and your character. You don’t need to try to limit yourself. Your dream symbolises the bounds of sisterhood and togetherness. You need to be invigorated and revitalized.

Person in dream signifies hard work and the importance of teamwork. You need to be open to compromise and meet halfway. You are afraid that others will know of your short-comings. This dream is a symbol for selfishness or the feeling of not getting your fair share. You may be experiencing feelings of guilt with something that you have done.

Person dream is an indication for components and various pieces that composes your life. You need to expand your attitude, imagination and way of thinking. You are becoming too dependent on others. This dream is a message for repressed aggression and anger. You need to be more independent.

Dream about both “Dirty” and “Person” is a harbinger for doubt in the choices that you are making. You are feeling unsatisfied or something is missing in your relationship. You are lacking a sense of belonging. Your dream is a message for a transitional phase toward independence. You are coping with your problems and emotions in your own way and at your own pace.

Dream about dirty person is a portent for wealth and good fortune. You are putting on an act. You are rebelling against society or the government. Your dream refers to your emotional desires and your emotional appetite. You are surrounded by valuable friends.

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Walking around with a dirty boyfriend


Walking around with dirty clothes


My friend was arrested 2 months ago and we were not allowed to see him including his parents, so I saw him in my dream where he wore half wet dirty and half clean clothes.


In my dream I was sitting and hugging a man I have never met in my life, he was wearing dirty clothes and shoes. In my dream I noticed that for a split second and wondered why he was dirty but it didn’t bother me. I was in a blissful state of love and happiness.


Had this guy who seemed to be interested in me show lack of interest within a few weeks. I had a dream about him wearing dirty clothing. They were so dirty it looked as tho he was working in oil or was a homeless person. In the dream he sent me a text say he’s sorry. Also saw a male friend of mine pass me while I’m with him in the park. My male friend was so clean he was practically glowing.


I was with some people from my past and I felt like I fitted in and then many people from my past came and I was not ready so I locked myself in a bathroom one guy looked at me and I looked myself in the mirror and then went out and I walked past a guy that I was seeing this summer and I hugged him and said sorry and then I went in some place and he was so dorky and I felt like I was so dirty then I saw someone take pictures of us and they were so beautiful and touching.