Dream about disfigured body

Dream about Disfigured Body denotes the Self. You are trying to establish your boundary and mark your territory. You are able to confront tough obstacles and get around barriers with success and ease. The dream is a metaphor for your survival skills. You take the easy way out.

Disfigured Body is an evidence for the ups and downs of your emotions and of your life in general. You are experiencing fleeting pleasures and unsteady finances. You need to take a gamble on something. The dream points to the feminine qualities of your character. You are feeling overwhelmed, shocked and disappointed.

Dreaming of Disfigure and Body

Disfigure dream is a message for your hopes ambitious thoughts or ideas. You feel that you are taking a major risk in letting your feelings known. Somebody is offering guidance to some daily problem. This dream is a harbinger for disturbing feelings and past emotions in your subconscious mind. You need to make a space for yourself.

Disfigure in this dream is a metaphor for concerns over your well-being. There are some unresolved issues that need to be worked out. You need to be more accepting and tolerant. This dream is about betrayal and untrustworthiness. You are in denial about some issue or problem.

Body in dream is a premonition for someone who would do anything for you or that you yourself are the one who is whipped. You tend to go out of your way to help those who need it. You have been deceived. Your dream is a premonition for anger, power and aggression. Perhaps you are feeling down and need a pick me up.

Body dream draws attention to some sort of partnership and commitment. You are emotionally paralyzed and need to learn how to express yourself. You need to use caution in a new situation. The dream is a symbol for your pessimistic outlook in life. You need to take a chance in life in order to reap the rewards.

Dream about both “Disfigure” and “Body” is about someone who is stupid or lacks common sense. You are still searching for your own identity and finding out who you are. You are desperately holding out for a chance to obtain the object of you affection. Your dream means a lack of accomplishments. You are trying to contain and suppress the qualities of the kidnapped person.

Dream about disfigured body means your desires to feel a connection with a person or with some aspect of yourself. You are going against the masses and expressing your own personal freedom. You are opening something. The dream is a metaphor for the duality of your personality. You are expressing a desire to slowly explore the realm of your subconscious.

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