Dream about drinking garri

Dream about Drinking Garri is about some aspect of your own self. You are working on finding yourself and in getting to the core of things. You need to clear your mind and free yourself of certain emotions that are weighing you down. Your dream is a metaphor for your over the top attitude. You are feeling deceived by love.

Drinking Garri is an omen for your associations with wealthy people. You that you need to be more daring. You are expressing your primal emotions and instincts. This dream is a premonition for family togetherness, reunions, celebration, peace, goodwill, generosity and human kindness. Acknowledging your feelings is the key to a happy and rewarding life.

Dreaming of Drinking and Garri

Drinking in your dream hints someone who is anal retentive. You are doing something against your own conscious. You have everything under control. The dream signals dirtiness, greediness, stubbornness or selfishness. One minute you can be in control of your emotions and the next minute you are not.

Drinking in this dream signals the ending of one thing and the new beginning of another thing. You may be experiencing some unexpressed feelings. You are trying to express yourself in some subtle or covert way. The dream is sometimes your thrifty nature and your unwillingness to take risks. You are going about your daily life in the same old tired pattern.

Garri in dream is an indication for your subconscious dislike for his/her significant other. You are trying to force certain thoughts and issues into your subconscious mind. You have lost your grip on a situation or relationship. The dream symbolises civilized instincts. What you thought was true is actually not.

Garri dream suggests your desire to hide your imperfections. You are letting others decide for you. You are retreating from a situation. The dream is a clue for your legacy and how you want to be remembered. You are being singled out or being picked on.

Dream about both “Drinking” and “Garri” draws attention to lack, pessimism and your jaded prospects for the future. You feel that someone has violated your integrity or creativity. You are lacking determination and energy needed to move forward in some situation. The dream draws attention to a bad habit or a certain food. There is a void in your life and it is waiting to be filled.

Dream about drinking garri signifies how you cope with what life throws at you. You are covering up your true feelings. You are submitting to a power larger than you. The dream indicates joy, contentment and happiness. There are things from your past experiences that you can still learn from.

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The messenger, I was in the dream drinking garri with sugar and milo and it was sweet. During a work process with seemed like we were using a GPS to track an unknown location that has being hiding from us a long time and it seemed apparent in that dream.


I drank Garri with groundnut,sugar and milk and it was very sweet


I was walking in the dream and drinking garri with just water and nothing more…. But the Garri was the red Garri normally used to make Eba.. Pls what does it mean???


I saw someone that collected garri and groundnut with her to drink, but they are yet to drink it.


I had a dream that I was drinking gari with cold water and also in my dream my guards ask me to cut off my hair and she gives me money for the hair but later I told my guardian friend that I won’t cut off my hair that I will be returning the money back to her.


I saw myself discussing with a guy I don’t know together with my girlfriend, then later spoke something into my girlfriend ear, after speaking to my girlfriend ear she pour her cashewnut inside the garri he was drinking then I was upset and decide to drink it together with them, with the fear of there might be something harmful inside the garri.


I dreamt I was in the midst of crowd Nd was drinking Garri. All of them shouting I should stop talking the Garri. But I was so happy drinking it. Then we got to a house and saw a lady coming down from the stairs looking like a rope. Then I saw myself climbing a stair case with the same last.
Please what does mean.


I was drinking garri and milk in the dream then someone was quarrelling with me


I dream that I was drinking garri with Fried yam and bean cake (Akara) and I bought the bean cake from Market.


I dream seeing myself drinking white garri and I was making a call,after making call I saw my old time friend so I ran to her so she came to my house and she sit and we started discussing.


I was in a dream one of my was hungry so he suggested garri then he brought it we mixed it with sugar i now called a small boy to buy milk later called him back as I remembered that I already bought milk and groundnut so we mixed it and drank. We were three men Drinking it. And I was so concerned about my school results and praying it comes out good.


I dreamt that I soaked a Garri in a container and it got swell up, I was trying not to waste the Garri, so, I was eating it despite I was filled up, but I was enjoying every bit of it. Even after I woke up, my mouth was tasting like I really took Garri in real life, that makes me remember the dream, because I have actually forgot I dreamt. It was the taste that made me remember the dream


I had a dream like I had money to buy better foods but I just feel like drinking garri at that moment so in the dream I was drinking the garri with Milo milk sugar grand nut but suddenly I relize i was dreaming and drinking garri And I woke up what does it mean


Greetings! Please i saw myself drinking garri with only milk and sugar in the dream, please what does it mean?


I was in the dream drinking garri and crawfish and I was very sweat and that is all I can remember


I’m drinking garri, Sugar and groundnut with my kid brother and we are happy…


I dreamt about running and holding unto a cup in of garri that I was drinking with ordinary water and a friend ask me for small of it and I gave her like some spoon to drink from my garri and we later started running through the stairs to go


I dreamt that my mom was drinking garri with sugar, milk, coconut and groundnuts with cold water and I joined her I don’t normally take garri because it stears up ulcer but I enjoyed it in the dream


In deam ,I drank garri with coconut water ,at the process of drinking the garri it was swallowing up and I keep on drinking it.