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Dream about garri

Dream about Garri is a portent for concern and worries in some area of your work. You are trying to take the quick and easy path to success. Your lover may also be someone who is your ideal. The dream is a portent for issues that you are keeping to yourself instead of confronting. Perhaps your strength or power is being divided.

Garri symbolises wounded emotions or feelings that you may have suppressed. You need to resolve your feelings with those who have passed on. You are not allowing others dictate how your should look or act. This dream is an omen for your full acceptance of her or him for the person he or she was. You are carrying around too many burdens and need to let go.

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Bonyuweh Spencer

I dreamed carrying half bag of garri heading to the market but I didn’t reach the market to sell because of rain


I just had a dream in which my boyfriend ask me to buy garri. He said two bags. What does that mean?


I dreamt that someone took my garri without permission. When I confronted her, she didn’t show any remorse. Please help me interpret


Someone came to me that she dreamt that I was in a kitchen holding a cup of garri and also a cup of sugar, suddenly I couldn’t find the sugar inside the cup and I was shouting who carried my sugar. What does it mean?


I dreamed loading yellow garri in a basin while one of my co worker was also loading white garri in a basin but she’s regretting why she
made the white garri.


I dreamt I was selling garri I was carrying on my head. One way o don’t know how water got to some part but I still sold it that way. I explained to the person and compensated the person with some change.


I dreamed of asking an old woman from our village if she has garri and she responds with a smile and gave me half panter I reduced it to a small size and tell her its too much. Please explain

Victoria Willie

I dreamt how someone gave me a full bag of garri and some poured on the floor; and I started packing it! Please what does it mean?


In my dream, I had a bowl of rice and garri that was mixed together soaked in water, I was trying to separate it till I woke up, please what could this mean.

Melvis oj

I saw so many bags of garri and some great quality poured on the ground and I was also look for a clean bag to put the garri inside

Udeh micheal

I dreamt of where I demanded garri from someone, as quick as possible I saw group of boys and two girls brought a bag of garri to me that it was the girl that I demanded the garri from that gave it to them to bring it for me, so appreciated them with drinks and other things

Olugbenga daramola

I dreamt a powerful person told me to go and start selling garri or bread ? What does it mean


I had a dream when I was making a garri for friends that are living together with me, so I was making the garri for all and after making the garri,, the garri was so big and I decided to take out my own personal garri from it, so I hided the personal one I bring out from the dream,, please what does this mean


I dream put garri in a tied black nylon and give to a lady I claim to be my woman but don’t know the face please what is the meaning


Dream giving a lady in her shop garri in a poly bag what in the meaning please


I dreamed about drinking garri i bought from one lady with milk sugar, ground nut and ice was drinking with my sister and mum ,in the same dream for the second time I bought garri but it was as if I was buying from a known person . I added enough Milk , sugar, groundnut and ice this time , my mum didn’t like it but when I tested it was so sweet.


I dreamt that someone gave me a bag full of rubbish to go and pure it at the dust bin but when I looked at it it was garri so I refuse to go and empty the bag so I hold it So what could that means

Dorinda Ofori

I had a dream that i received garri from my pastor but i put it on the floor and was picking it then some one was trying to steal some but i didn’t give him the chance


I dream of arranging bag of garri in the corner of my room


I dreamt that someone locked me up, and. I pack his garri and a role of milk ànd the man his begging me that he’s going to return what he had collected from me if I give him the garri and the milk then when I got home I fell onthe bed then I woke up from the dream


I dreamt that I vomit dry garri and it was shoking


I dream I drink garri with my two siblings


I dream my husband gave me gift on open it is garri but I told him am coming to take it that I want to go and pick my boy in school.


Had a dream of a lady serving me garri and I ended up drinking the garri what does this mean


I saw a church member daughter given me a small soak of garri and I later saw myself given her mother full cup of garri in return.


Dreamt I was selling garri, groundnut, sugar , and water to people and I was happy doing it

Phierlez hart

I dreamt that I was giving garri by my late grand mother whom I loved so much


I dreamt I was washing clothes outside, and someone a lady came to tell me to give her garri after she has asked from the neighbors to give her and they said they don’t have and she came to me and I told her to go inside and take it and she took it, it was white garri, Please what does it mean.

Esther staphenie

I saw where they spread garri in front of my shop. What does it mean?


I dreamt about praying with garri and salt, each placed on my palm and i was praying


if someone dream of seeing garri and it happens that someone help me to carry it and it happened to be my mother and brother


I dream about buying garri from unknown person and the garri pour away I couldn’t find the bucket as well and another woman was calling me to buy another garri pls wat does it mean


Good morning my husband dreamt of drinking garri with my hands and I saw two keys inside then I remove it and kept it t aside

Ola lekan

I have a dream that I’m drinking garri with my friends wirh cold water


I dream about bringing garri to my mother’s place and carry it to my husband house


I dreamt I bought 2 buckets of white garri and it was tied with black nylon. I told the seller that I needed more but I have to check if the price she sold to me is the same price others are selling. What is the meaning pls.


I dream of drinking garri with sugar,milk and grandnuts and I gave my best friend a little from the spoon but he didn’t take all from the spoon


I dreamt when I was somewhere I don’t even know what took me there and i don’t even know there. but I was giving alot of garri and there is this lady I just meet recently the also gave her in my dream but when her husband came to pick her she refused carrying her own garri that was like in a very big bag. and I wanted to carry mine but I think they stole it and left the bucket for me. and it’s like the garri was stolen by some kids I know around my neighbor hood

Shulamite Alfred

A brother put garri in a tied black nylon and give me.


I dream were i helped someone i no sieve garri ( garri she is about to fry)


I dreamt that garri pour on the floor


I dreamt where someone gave me undried garri

Tobi Loba

I dreamt that i soak nail and kulikuli inside garri and I was drinking it infront of people, those people too are also drinking garri with kulikuli, pls what does it mean


I dreamt about bathing soaked garri and salt

Mhiz blessing

I Dream about selling garri in the market, and they add few water in it and say is to make it attractive, what does it mean


I dream of Carry garri in a big sack in the market and looking for space or to sell it at road side and when losing the sack l found a bucket full of egg with the garri i woke up.
What is the meaning and the solution to the dream

Blessing edet

I dreamt of someone that I know bring ing garri to my house as a gift

Rita alioka

I dream of where I’m in my working place and i borrowed garri from my co_ worker to drink as my afternoon food i den went out to buy sachet tea milk and groundnut, after i have socked it, all of a sudden she with one girl and one boy
start to drink it to the extend that they wanted to finished it all i then drag the garri out from there hand we start to challenge each other

Olatunji Olayinka Ogunyemi

had a dream a woman was making garri for me to drink when my mom came behind her like the woman hid her, we had a quarrel and the woman poured the garri she made for me away

Mr Donalds

I dreamt of drinking garri and milk with my close friend and one sranger, but when I tried to put groundnut in the garri the stranger refused, so I ate the groundnut after drinking the garri.


I dream of selling garri pls what is the meaning

Sanusi Moshood

I was drinking garri with one of my friends older than me based in California at my mother old canteen store when we finished drinking the garri, the garri multiplied more inside the feeding bottle we used to drink the garri, and the garri look soft so I used my hand to fetched them out and put in the soup that I saw again in the same dream that my mother finished prepared the soup for us and they gave us in a separate plate. so I filled mine with the garri to eat it with many meats inside

Adesupo kike

I dream that I drank garri and smoked fish with a close friend of mine.


What does it mean seeing myself putting redoil in garri after gridding the casava


I dreamt of chewing dry garri and was try to remove it from my mouth


I dreamt a little boy brought soak garri for me to drink and I drank it and it was sweet


I dreamt that I saw a lot of bags of garri in a building and I and my distance cousin was trying to price them and the price has skyrocketed from the last time I bought it and the woman was explaining it to me that even with the increase in price, a lot of people has ordered for the garri. Please help interpret, thanks


I dreamt that I bought plenty of garri and wanted to sell but my boss was around so I was trying to wait for him to go before I can go out and sell it


What is the meaning of begging garri in a dream?


I dreamt i was frying garri and my mom gave me a basin to put in after it


I dreamt of frying garri for someone meaning please

Obenudo christy

I dreamt I carried garri with a basin on my head and met and old time friend who carried water on his head also, so he poured little water on my garri n I warned him to stop but after sometime he poured alot water on the whole garri I was carrying and with anger I poured all his water away and after a distance walk I saw that two people had been involved in a ghastly motor accident and had died.


I dreamt of buying gari and beans with riped plantain

Godwin Danso

Hi, I dreamt about drinking gari at work with my colleagues and the vice President joined us.


I dream of drinking soak garri with groundnut with my friend wat does it mean pls


I ate garri in my dream, what does it mean?


I dreamt of making garri with water and sugar for someone and the person refusing to come and take it, so I drank it slowly my self and my mom was around me. Pls what does it mean


I dream of eating garri and mistakenly throwing it on a fear lady

Adedoyin jawando

I dreamt a senior colleague gave me a bag of garri to give to reretirec director,and left before I could reject the errand


I dream of drink garri in dream,woke up,fell asleep,and dream again about garri but this time,I carried it,in an uncovered 20litre paint container without it falling on the ground because it level


I dreamt of drink garri in dream,woke up,fell asleep,and dream again about garri but this time,I carried it,in an uncovered 20litre paint container without it falling on the ground because it leveled.But,on getting to my family,my brother instead of praise me was making jest of my hidden challenges. Thanks.


If you dream that a group of people is forcing you to drink soak garri

Adili Daniel

I dreamt a woman gave me garri n i drank it n also give a little to child.

Tracy Adams.

I dreamt that someone was feeding me soaked garri in my dream….pls what does it mean?

Henry Adesemoye

Dreamt about rejecting a small content of soaked garri with groundnut given by a lady and given moinmoin by a man of God.

Mbam Philomena chidubem

I dream of reiceving garri as a Communion in dream what does that mean

Bayonle Akinkuolie

I dreamt of seeing bags of garri inside a shop in my father’s house. Please interpret it for me.

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