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Dream about eating fried chicken

Dream about Eating Fried Chicken is an omen for leisure. You are feeling exposed or put on the spot. Perhaps you are overlooking some detail. Your dream signifies an increase in your level of self confidence. Sometimes you need to seek the help of others in order to accomplish some mutual goal.

Eating in your dream is a portent for your inability to place your trust in someone. You have the desire to strive for a better Self. You will be let down by your high expectations. The dream is an ever-changing situation. You are attempting to overcome a difficult goal or task.

Fry dream symbolises your willingness to sacrifice your authority in order to maintain calmness in your domestic life or personal relationship. You need to learn from your disappointments and just be happy. You may be feeling emotionally or physically drained. Your dream is a portent for denial or some misunderstanding. You need to believe that you are capable of succeeding in all your endeavors.

Chicken in this dream is a symbol for the inevitable. You need to be willing to take a risk in order to move forward toward your goals. You need to be more calm. The dream is a hint for your social network of acquaintances and associates. You are unwilling to let your guard down.

Dreaming of Eating and Fry and Chicken

Dream About Eating Fries denotes summertime ease, leisure and relaxation. You are looking for a place of refuge and a place to keep things that are dear to you. You are enjoying the good things in life. The dream is about warmth and coziness. Something creative is happening.

Dream About Eating Chicken is an omen for a message conveyed to you via your subconscious. Your unusually strong will and drive will set you on a crash course. You are seeking recognition for your work. The dream is an evidence for your voice and how you express your opinions and beliefs. You are involved in some insider information.

Dream About Fried Chicken is a signal for used up energy. You are taking and taking without giving. You are putting yourself down and are allowing others to take over. The dream is a clue for your ability to create and to manipulate the external world. You are seeking acclaim and recognition.

Dream about Eating Fried Chicken denotes something is about to be completed in your life. You are seeking attention for the work you have done. You are experiencing some separation anxiety. The dream is a message for a connection between the spiritual realm and the physical world. You are able to steer something toward a direction.

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My dream entailed fried chicken sandwiches, with lettuce and mayo. There were only a few made and at first did not get one but then someone prepared one for me.


I dream of eating a fried chicken while standing and making fun of my friends, then when i was about to finish the other piece of the chicken, some woman just took over my plate and added cooked rice, but i let them ate my other piece of fried chicken because i am already full


I dream of a fried chicken and my baby was there

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