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Dream about eating white rice

Dream about Eating White Rice is a sign for a form of healing. You will overcome life’s obstacles and adversities. Despite whatever chaos is surrounding you, you are able to block it out and achieve peace with yourself. Your dream is a clue for a flow of ideas and feelings. You are sympathetic and passionate about your beliefs.

Eat in your dream is a harbinger for your desire for wealth or material possessions. You need to indulge in life and devote some time to leisure. Perhaps you are expecting a new baby into your family. Your dream denotes the union of opposites and balance. You are getting a handle on a problem.

White dream suggests fear or uncertainty regarding a relationship. You need to gain a wider perspective on some situation. You have lost track of your goals. The dream is a portent for your feelings of loneliness and emptiness. You need to find closure.

Rice in this dream is a sign for something you are trying to convey or express from the heart. There is some issue in your life that you need to straighten. You are longing for a better or happier place. This dream is a premonition for your passivity in a situation. You need to take a little break from your daily life for yourself.

Dreaming of Eat and White and Rice

Dream About Eating White signifies a message from the Holy Spirit and spreading the word of God. There is something you are hiding and are afraid of getting caught. You are able to separate emotions and love. Your dream is sometimes security, love, comfort, support and unconditional or unquestioned love. You are headed in the right direction.

Dream About Eat Rice states a time of mourning and sadness. You are who you are. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. This dream is a symbol for love and passion. Something in your life is coming together in a complex way.

Dream About White Rice is about your connection with God. You are recognizing and utilizing your instinctual energies. You will succeed on your own power and your creative energy. This dream is about much festivity and fanfare. You are feeling socially disconnected or withdrawn.

Dream about Eating White Rice expresses your desire to open up and be understood. You need to be more realistic with your goals. There is a situation which you need to approach with openness. This dream suggests security and comfort in your life. You have a sense of entitlement to certain things.

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Alex avalos

Saw in this dream I was Eating white rice with fresh diced vegetable leaves. The more I eat further I eat the rice, the more I discover there’s more vegetable below.

Alex avalos

Saw I was in party and I saw two old friends, one was not paying attention to me while the other one did and served me jollof rice which I eat

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