Dream about fingers burning

Dream about Fingers Burning is a premonition for status, wealth, luxury and prestige. You want to be able to extend a part of yourself to others. You need to appreciate the gifts you have. The dream hints balance. You are saying one thing, but you actually mean something else.

Fingers Burning symbolises a value within yourself or within others in which you admire and cherish. You need to make a choice and take action. You are putting up a facade and hiding your true self. The dream denotes creativity, manipulation and intellectual power. You need to be more assertive and forceful.

Dreaming of Finger and Burn

Finger in your dream points to your feelings of being taken advantaged or that you are messing things up. You are suppressing your emotions or sensitivities. Your psychological integrity is being attacked. Your dream signifies secret desires. You are juggling various responsibilities in your life.

Finger in this dream represents agility, fear, fierceness, superiority and power. You have not digested or accepted some messages. Something is interfering with your personal esteem. This dream points to your desires to get to the center of some issue or problem. Your trust has been compromised.

Burn in dream suggests a stressful situation and refer to a relationship/situation in which you feel suffocated. You may be duped or lied to. You are emotionally paralyzed and need to learn how to express yourself. The dream indicates your childhood where the times were more carefree and simpler. You have been disinherited.

Burn dream suggests loss of power and control. Perhaps you are feeling inadequate and that you don’t measure up. You do not think that you can fully and freely express yourself. Your dream is the rational and mental processes. You need to be more aware of the risks involved in leaving your destiny to fate.

Dream about both “Finger” and “Burn” is sadly an admonition for missed chances, missed opportunities, or missed judgment calls. Some current issue that you are experiencing is not allowing you to move forward. You need to thoroughly think through some problem and carefully evaluate your choices. This dream refers to a lack of support and acceptance. You are not being clear in how your express yourself.

Dream about fingers burning signifies a message conveyed to you via your subconscious. You are worried about some situation or decision. You are experiencing new awareness that is unfolding in your life. Your dream signifies joy and love. You are ready to reveal your true self.

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I dreamed about someone trying to burn my fingers but I resisted and but saw a flame on one of my finger. It didn’t hurt on my dream and I was feeling of like controlling but I was too scared as it is fire and trying to not get lit with it again. What’s the meaning of this dream?


Hi, i dreamed my both thumb has burnt and been bandaged. i was sitting on the ground and was talking to the ppl who came to visit me. May i know the interpretation? thanks