Dream about flying and fighting

Dream about Flying And Fighting is an indication for loyalty, commitment and unconditional love. There is some important message or advice that you need to take from a colleague. Perhaps you are feeling steamed about something. The dream is a clue for power and fertility. You are open to new ideas and easily influenced.

Flying And Fighting refers to the ups and downs of your emotions. You are expressing your concerns about your health. You feel someone is taking advantage of you or is using you. Your dream is an indication for harmony and cooperation. You are withdrawing from daily life and distancing yourself from others.

Dreaming of Fly and Fight

Fly in your dream suggests something you do not fully understand. May be there is a social issue that you need to get involved in. Some situation is in need of your immediate attention. This dream is an evidence for health concerns and anxieties about your well-being. You need to learn to make your life less complicated.

Fly in this dream suggests your instinctual nature and destructive impulses. You are feeling restricted and confined. You need to think before you speak. The dream is an omen for a dysfunctional relationship or unfulfilled goal. You are ready to let go something or someone in your life.

Fight in dream denotes concerns about your health. You are being hyper-vigilant about your surroundings. You are having difficulties expressing some aspect of your emotion. This dream is an indication for aspects of yourself that disgusts and repulses you. Perhaps you are rejecting something about yourself or your situation.

Fight dream is your shadow and the negative part of your Self. Perhaps you are rejecting something about yourself or your situation. You tend to keep to yourself and wallow in your emotions. The dream expresses your dependency on something or someone. You need to expect some major changes ahead.

Dream about both “Fly” and “Fight” symbolises your lost of trust in someone or something. You need to take it easy and not be too hard on yourself. You have a tendency to force your opinions on others. Your dream is unfortunately a warning signal for sadness, hunger, poverty and struggles. A situation or person in your life is having a negative impact on you.

Dream about flying and fighting is an omen for personal energy flow and steady emotional release. You are experiencing a closer connection to a person. You will overcome some of your emotional difficulties. The dream means a spiritual rebirth. You are letting fear dictate your actions.

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