Dream about freak shows

Dream about Freak Shows expresses your desires to find perfect happiness. Have a disciplined view toward food. You are gaining a new perspective on things. Your dream is a symbol for the impact that you have on your surroundings. You need to associate yourself with energetic people.

Freak Shows is a hint for luck, happiness and wealth. You need help in some situation or matter. You are preparing yourself for growth and change. The dream is an omen for a drastic change ahead. Things have to be neat.

Dreaming of Freak and Show

Freak dream signifies your desires in wanting to associate with people in public positions. You feel your life is under public scrutiny. Your achievements will soon be recognized. The dream is a metaphor for your stubbornness and tenacity. Not to forget about the past and what you have left behind.

Freak in this dream is a portent for either access or restriction. You need to find time to escape for life’s daily demands. Perhaps you are coming across as too indifferent. The dream is your belief of fate. You are learning to let go and that can’t always be there to protect someone.

Show in dream points to a small lapse in judgment. Perhaps you are not ready to confront your feelings. Some secret information has leaked-out. The dream stands for a repression of your animalistic desires. You need to think outside the box.

Show dream hints movement and your ability to jump from situation to situation. You are doing things your own way and living by your own set of rules. You need to rid yourself of the burdens that you have been carrying. The dream symbolises your insecurities and self-esteem issues. You are dealing with issues about your self-identity.

Dream about both “Freak” and “Show” points at a lack of accomplishments. You need to slow down and take some time out for yourself. You have overcome your difficulties and limitations. This dream expresses your lack of commitment. You want to go back into the past or jump forward to the future to a period where your hopes are realized.

Dream about freak shows is a premonition for potential and power. You may also be seeking some form of acceptance. You need to come to an understanding or some sort of middle ground in order to move forward with your life. The dream is a symbol for your strong support system. Someone is attempting to bring you back to reality.

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