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Dream about frozen dogs

Dream about Frozen Dogs signals ability to balance many responsibilities at the same time. You want to be in the spotlight. You are regretting what you said. Your dream denotes disagreements and dissension with those around you. You need to hold true to your words and do what you say you are going to do.

Frozen Dogs indicates your honesty and genuineness, especially in your personal relationships. You channel your emotions and are cautious in how you express them. You need to expand your relationships and create a cooperative network. Your dream represents some negative force that is working against you. You are trying to hold on to the sweetness and pleasures that you are experiencing in your life.

Dreaming of Frozen and Dog

Dog in dream is your state of mind. You are under some extreme pressure or stress. You are prevented from expressing your anger and other negative emotions. This dream is sometimes your subconscious desire to leave that something behind. You need to correct your thinking and readjust your attitude.

Dream about both “Frozen” and “Dog” expresses lack of security in your life. You are feeling sluggish and emotionally drained. You unable to freely and fully express yourself. Your dream signifies some cold, hard emotion. You are feeling lost, overwhelmed and inadequate.

Dream about frozen dogs is a portent for filial responsibility and devotion. You are emerging out from a new stage in life and have a new understanding or a new start in life. Some action needs to be completed before you can move onto the next phase. Your dream is your strict self discipline. Some residual feelings that you have when you are awake can often express themselves in your dream.

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I dream I saw a bunch of newborn puppies laying together in front of a home’s lawn on the side. The ones at the bottom were frozen and some were dead. This was in an old not so good neighborhood.


i dreamed about someone taking a frozen dog out of the freezer i dont remember who it was .. and i think i said “why are you eating a frozen dog?”


I dreamt that I was carrying a little dog into a stadium of people and the dog was so cold that I had to put it in my jacket.

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