Dream about frying yam

Dream about Frying Yam is a metaphor for self exploration. You may also be starting to unleash your unused potential. You are owning up to your duties and responsibilities. Your dream is a hint for your firm and solid foundation. You may be hunting for a solution.

Frying Yam stands for opportunities and welcomed expectations. You are able to see things and see through people and their motives. You are feeling emotional torn. Your dream is a symbol for your faith, personal religious beliefs and the divine. You are questioning certain issues about yourself.

Dream about both “Frying” and “Yam” is an evidence for frustrations, distress and feelings of guilt. You are unaware or oblivious to the problems that are surrounding you and are letting opportunities pass you by. You are having a hard time getting to know a person. This dream denotes loss or lack. You may be trying to compensate for the sadness or stress in your life.

Dream about frying yam is a symbol for your need to be more observant. Perhaps you are showing your delicate and feminize side. You feel that you are deserving of some sort of gift of prize. The dream is an omen for your good health and prosperity. You are being secretive about something.

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I dream about me frying yam and sausage which was given to me by some people to fry for them and someone came in for one of the frying yams whiles I was still frying

Emmanuella Zinny

I actually dreamt when I saw a woman frying yam ,just went straight and carry the yam and started eating and as well paid her tho but along the process three kids came up to me with different kind of local food but amongst the three local food ,I took two corn and the one that has the basket of corn requested for my fried yam and insisted in taking it from me. With force but at the end ,the woman start suspecting I didn’t pay her complete for her yam ,what does it mean please?


I had a dream of peeling and cutting of yam, after the cutting I took the yam to the kitchen for frying, I added a little water to the oil so the yam can cook well and get fried at the same time but I later noticed the was a lot of corn in the yam I’m frying, when done with the frying, I took all utensils I used outside to wash at the tap and saw it was raining outside, I first wanted to use the rain water, but I didn’t, instead, I entered the rain and used the tap water to wash all the utensils