Dream about getting pulled under water

Dream about Getting Pulled Under Water expresses your ambition and your drive. You are utilizing your skills. Big things often start small. This dream signals a resolution to some emotional issue or inner conflict. You are spending too much time on pleasure and fruitless activities.

Get in your dream hints aspects of yourself. Something or someone may be bugging or pestering you. You are ready to confront your anger issues. This dream is a harbinger for hesitance or tentativeness about a decision, situation or relationship. Perhaps you need to incorporate these aspects into your own character.

Pull dream is a harbinger for some sort of pain or chaos occurring in your life. You need to pay close attention to your personal habits. You will be disgraced or embarrassed in some way. The dream is a sign for your leadership abilities. You don’t like being the center of attention or being the focus.

Water in this dream indicates a person who has experienced a lot of hurt in his/her life. You need to be more compassionate. Some specific qualities may be triggered by someone or some situation in your life. Your dream is a message for your mercilessness and danger. Others suffering from madness.

Dreaming of Get and Pull and Water

Get and Pull is an indication for strength, unity and unyielding beliefs. There is a force that is drawing you toward a certain direction, thinking or habit. It is the core to some idea or piece of knowledge. Your dream is a signal for your confidence and self-esteem. You are satisfied with how things are going.

Dream About Getting Water is a portent for relaxed state of mind. You are experiencing some heartache. You are living beyond your means. The dream indicates your personality, your social self, your facade and how you portray yourself to others. Perhaps you are drawing it out of proportions.

Dream About Pulled Under Water means your need for guidance, especially from a higher source. You feel uprooted by a particular circumstance or relationship in your life. You will experience a more satisfying social surrounding. This dream hints your desire to be happy and to start a family. The relationship is moving to a new level to which you are expressing some anxiety and fears about the changing situation.

Dream about Getting Pulled Under Water means a long lasting relationship. There is something that you need to make a mental note of. Perhaps you are questioning the person you are becoming. The dream stands for higher learning and wisdom. You are taking the blame for the actions of others.

Sometimes, dream about getting pulled under water hints defeated hopes and a dark, gloom outlook in your endeavors. You are not expressing your feelings effectively. Something may not be what it seems. The dream is sadly your own cruel intents to further your own interest and gain. You feel your voice does not matter or that your opinion does not count.

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I had a dream I was floating/swimming in the ocean with some people I went to school with. As I was just floating I was pulled under almost going into a whole or whirlpool. I felt myself drowning in the dream and also while I was trying to wake myself up it still felt like I was under water