Dream about giving someone water to drink

Dream about Giving Someone Water To Drink is a hint for something that you need to retire or put to rest. You are reevaluating your own values and questioning identity. You are feeling emotional and physically drained. The dream is an evidence for simplicity, comfort and solace. You are feeling nervous or excited about something.

Dream about Giving Someone Water To Drink is an indication for emotions and sensuality. Your compulsions and habits are working against you. You are trying to hold on to the sweetness and pleasures that you are experiencing in your life. This dream states the way you move and walk through life, either with grace and poise, or the lack of. You are denying your emotional urges and needs.

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In a dream I got water from some people and I was drinking and walking suddenly I found old women she asks for water I gave her and she said she need more water so I went to those people who gave water to me when I ask them this old women needs water they didn’t gave I was so sad in dream nobody is giving water to serve women

Let me know interpretation pls


I dreamt of my husband giving water to drink


I dream that one of my friends drank my leftover water

Jude Orogun

I had a dream and i was in the restaurant where i used to eat everyday, so in this dream i was eating then the restaurant owner then called out for me to bring her a cup of water, so i immediately rush to take a brown rubber cup and gave her, she immediately drank it all then i woke up, now i was having it mind to get married to one of her staff, please i need guardians now cause I’m scared not knowing what to do, should i leave the lady that i’m already involved with? Please i need answers

Boghalo Baleseng

My late mother late asked me for water, when I opened the tap a lot of water came out and was battling to close the tap all over again until I woke up…


Dreamt of giving my recently passed dad water and he drank the water


I was riding the bus/train with a girl while eating spicy noodles and she needed to drink so I gave her my water bottle.


My friend dreamt that I was giving her water to drink. She told me in the dream we were at the beach and there were so many people at the beach.


I dreamt I saw ‘The Rock’ on the street. I could see he was in need of water (he was panting.red faced and looked worried). As I walked by I asked if he was ok, then realised he was not ok and went to the next cafe and got a pitcher of water for him. The Rock came in and the dream changed to my boyfriend walking in and put his hand near a drawer and I accidently hurt/squashed his finger in the drawer – then kissed it better. But when I took his finger to my lips it felt like a babies finger.


My senior sister dreamt where my cousins who were in enmity with us ran to our house and they were demanding for a water,and I gave them a very clean water and one of them began to thank me and said that “She will use some of it to bath, and drink”. Pls, I’m confused about this very dream


Hello I was dreaming i saw humgry boy need for help then with a car and my friend from childhood (i dont see her in real life often) she was holding a his baby boy when he almost died i said her to give him water then he startet to breath again and got tear in eyes because he survived than we bought him hamburger and feed him..


hi i dream my friend sit next to me and he wanted to take tablet so i gave him water to drink and he take his tablet

Kimberly A

In my dream I was in a school. In this school I drank out of the same water fountain everyday on the top floor it made me feel so great to drink this water. I woke up but went back to sleep but my dream continued. Now, I was older, and My other half was so thirsty. So I took him to my old school when I was young. It was like an obstacle to go in and get to the top floor but I worked so hard to get him there and get him a drink of THIS water. It was like I’d lose him if I didn’t.


I dreamt of assisting a high ranking person in real life, he was having some trouble drinking so I helped him by adjusting the height of the way I poured the water. The last scene was when he tried to catch more water since my hand was close to the pail, he somewhat drank from my hand for a while. He then suggested to place my hands higher so I followed him but I was nervous and sort of blushing. Then I checked out surrounding, we were below the stage.


I dream about my ex girlfriend came into my house and my wife is sleeping, she wake up and ask me who’s that. I then told the girl to wait in the kitchen. I later give her water


In my dream,I was clearing the farm,and I have enough water with me,but there are this stranger i don’t know them,a man, his wife and there child,they are also farming I’m their land,and there water got finished knowing to well that we are in the farm work,no where they can get water,so I realized they are in need of water,I walk up to them and give them some water from mine,I don’t know who they are,but they appreciate,please what does it mean,thank you.


I dreamt that me and my boyfriend was given people sachet’s water to drink, but when I checked the water it was kind of green inside and i told him that the water is not good and he said is okay that we should continue given them. As we continue I saw some pure water factory vehicle coming in, in a very big compound to supply us more pure water.


Thanks a lot, so true and useful. Because that person broke up with me some month after the dream.


Met with my ex girlfriend who recently broke up with me and she moved on and said that her new boyfriend is so caring and gifted her a lot of bottles of water since she loves to drink water (which she does).

Christammy my Facebook name

In my dream people were complaining of water so when I came I just paryied to Haven and rain began to fell

Fadiya Segun Ademola

Someone asked me to give water and I do so but later detect that the pipe of which I got the water is too dirty and irritating.


I dreamt about wanting to give someone water but couldn’t

Emmanuel Boamah

In a dream my junior brother was my physical trainer training me, just then I ask for a sachet of water and my junior bother gave me one but after taking some sip, he fell down and started complaining of cardiac arrest. Thought initially that he was joking but after a second thought I gave him the left over water. After drinking the water he got relief. Pls what’s the meaning of this dream?


I dremt someone asking me water to drink and when I was on the sink washing the glass…I found my hand having too much mucus


I saw an unknown guy asking me some thing to drink, I gave him some soft drink but he demanded water, I ran back, started pouring water ,realizing glass to be dirty ,took another glass, washed it ,and was taking two glasses of water for him this tm.what does that mean?


So my dream from what I can remembering was my three year old was sitting with her back towards me slumped over and I immediately paniicked and ran over to her limp body , worried i laid her body down and turned to ask someone for help and when i turned to look back my three year old morphed into this abnormal looking big man whose skin was thin and stretchy and very very dry looking. I was given a water bottle and realized he was just dehydrated.


I’ve dreamed that a neighbor of mine, an old lady had no water in her home so i was filling gallons for her of my water that came from this great fount i’ve had, and she was very thankful

Emmanuel lucky

I dream about fetching water and the water didn’t full so I got angry and turn the water for two people


someone asked me for water to drink, in a classroom setting. And that person happens to be someone I was interested in for a little while.