Dream about giant sun

Dream about Giant Sun hints new beginnings and ideas. Perhaps someone or something has caused you to be in awe. You are feeling alienated and disconnected. This dream is a metaphor for the power and drive you need to move forward in life. You are overlooking certain aspects in your life.

Giant Sun stands for your position of prominence and distinction. You are wavering in your faith and questioning your belief system. With time and patience, you will make steady progress. This dream refers to your social interactions and how you relate to others. You are going in circles.

Dreaming of Giant and Sun

Giant in your dream means a healthy mental drive. You have the desire to strive for a better Self. You are harboring some inner guilt that you are harboring. This dream is a hint for unresolved issues with your friend or unresolved issues from your childhood that needs to be confronted. You are opening yourself to others, either on a mental, emotional level.

Giant in this dream is a harbinger for secrets that you may have kept from others or aspects of yourself that you have kept hidden and shielded away. You no longer have control of a situation. You need to protect yourself from your own drive. This dream is a hint for how you are rejecting aspects of your feminine/emotional side. You need to just hang in where you are.

Sun in dream symbolises hard work and the importance of teamwork. You feel that someone is out to get you. Perhaps you feel that you are undeserving of the things you already have. This dream stands for your rigid and inflexible ways. You are being influenced by the beliefs and wishes of others.

Sun dream points at passiveness and your undeveloped characteristics. You need to accept that some things don’t work out for a reason. You need to start standing up for yourself. This dream symbolises your inability to function in a certain situation of your life. You are feeling neglected in the relationship.

Dream about both “Giant” and “Sun” is a harbinger for some negative emotions or anger that is directed at you, but you are oblivious to. You are being insincere, displaying false emotions and shedding crocodile tears. You may be spreading yourself too thin. Your dream is sadly your underlying strengths that you have not yet recognized. You are experiencing problems and difficulties in some relationship.

Dream about giant sun is a symbol for sudden awareness, insight and the ability to find your way in a situation. There is something you need to learn and understand from the past. You are being rewarded and recognized for your generosity and giving nature. The dream points to you own sense of worthiness and esteem. Your creative mind is clashing with your personal beliefs.

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