Dream about going wrong way on highway

Dream about Going Wrong Way On Highway suggests idleness. You are about to embark on a new adventure in your personal life. You are about to make some major move. This dream is a harbinger for clarity and pleasantness. You are keeping certain things hidden.

Dream about Going Wrong Way On Highway is an indication for extreme nervousness or excitement. You are seeking praise and attention from others. The opportunities for advancement are opened to you, but you need to take the next step. This dream is a portent for how your life is topped off with a bit of sweetness. You are coming clean about your past.

Dreaming of Go & Wrong & Way & Highway

Go in your dream expresses your inability to commit. You need to speak up first and think it through later. Your view on a situation may be distorted. This dream is a premonition for some health problems. You are having difficulties communicating your emotions or thoughts.

Wrong in your dream refers to some confusion in your thought process. You are experiencing doubts about going along with a certain decision. You need to apply what you learned and incorporate it into your daily life. The dream is a premonition for a trilogy, as in the past, present and future or father, mother and child or body, mind and soul, etc. You have lost the ability to express your feelings.

Way in this dream represents industry and hard work. It is time to pull yourself back up and get back into the swing of things. There are some issues about which you are angry about in your life. This dream signifies an expression and release of your own primal desires. You are regressing into a state of dependency.

Highway in dream hints how your buttons are being pushed by someone. You are trying to withdraw from the realities of life. You feel that you are being treated unjustly. The dream is a sign for your quest for objectivity over subjectivity. Something or someone may be bugging or pestering you.

Dream About Wrong Way indicates something that is catchy or contagious. You are feeling very emotional. You are feeling overwhelmed by the demands that others are putting on you. Your dream indicates memories that you are holding onto. You are always on the move.

Dream About Going Wrong Way is a harbinger for some extraordinary problem or issue that you are trying to deal with in your life. You are coming to terms with certain feelings. You are reflecting back on your own accomplishments, memories and key moments in life. Your dream is a clue for some memory or event. You clearly express your feelings to others.

Sometimes, dream about going wrong way on highway represents low esteem. You are lacking spirit and enthusiasm in some area of your life. You are trying to overcome difficulties in your life and achieve inner development. Your dream is a lacking strength and integrity. You may be letting go some of the feelings (resentment, anger, hostility toward someone) that you have been clinging onto.

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