Dream about good friend

Dream about Good Friend is sometimes high energy. You need to move on and let go. There are many forces working against you. The dream is an omen for joy and pleasure. You are enjoying the rewards of your hard work.

Good Friend is a metaphor for confidence, protection and courage. A decision has been made and you will work hard to accomplish it. You are laying the groundwork and ready for growth. Your dream is a hint for suppressed feelings that you have yet to express to boyfriend/girlfriend. You are in a race.

Dreaming of Good and Friend

Good in your dream is a clue for your nurturing side and maternal feelings. You need to escape from the pressures of everyday life in order to re-energize yourself. You are trying to understand the world around you. This dream is a signal for self-guilt and unnurtured feelings. You feel you have been blamed for someone else’s deed.

Good in this dream points at feelings of loneliness. You feel you have been blamed for someone else’s deed. You are killing an aspect of your own self. This dream points to your inability to balance various aspects of your life. You need to reenergize and recharge yourself.

Friend in dream is a metaphor for your fragile or vulnerable state of mind. You believe that you are constantly learning, even when you are not in the classroom. You are trying to hold onto the memories. This dream refers to difficulties in your life. Perhaps you are pretending to be someone that you are not in order to fit in.

Friend dream denotes guilt and impurity. You are blocking out external worries and problems. You are dealing with a big problem in your life. This dream signifies ending something abruptly or quickly. You are having difficulties expressing some aspect of your emotion.

Dream about both “Good” and “Friend” is a portent for an unoriginal idea. You are not ready to commit to a situation or relationship. You are not paying enough attention to those around you and as a result are offending and upsetting them. Your dream is sadly a warning signal for little progress in attaining your goals. You feel that you are in a rut doing the same thing and going to the same places.

Dream about good friend is a message for disappointments in love. You are taking a chance at some emotional relationship. You are ready to explore and open yourself to new experiences. The dream is a harbinger for the many inner components of your persona. You are feeling overwhelmed by things that are out of your control.

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