Dream about good hair

Dream about Good Hair points at openness and security. You need to open your eyes and be more attentive to a situation or relationship. You are evaluating your relationship. The dream expresses your well thought-out plans and ideas. Your life is blowing in a new direction.

Good Hair is an evidence for your desires to enjoy all that life has to offer. You will find success and rise above those around you. You are anticipating for some big event or news. The dream indicates a sign of distress. You are feeling invigorated and inspired by the possibilities that are out there for you.

Dreaming of Good and Hair

Good in your dream indicates your desires for authority and control. You are pursuing empty and fruitless endeavors. Your libido is stronger than the person that you are with or vice versa. This dream is about your commitments and desires for security. You are calling out for help in some way.

Good in this dream is an omen for mental work. You tend to lose track of time. You are not using your time productively. You may be having difficulties with how to handle or deal with a certain situation or person. This dream hints temptation or emotional allure. A person was mentally deteriorating.

Hair in dream is a premonition for an encounter with an unfamiliar or neglected aspect of your own self. You are feeling inadequate or insecure about some aspect of your life. You need to be in control of your own destiny. This dream is an indication for unresolved issues with your friend or unresolved issues from your childhood that needs to be confronted. You are indifferent or emotionless.

Hair dream is a sign for your desires to be more connected with your ancestors and understanding of where you came from. You are afraid of not knowing what is in store for you in the future. You are feeling somewhat insecure or instable in a relationship. This dream is a harbinger for some rugged or tough force. Perhaps, you are too harsh on yourself or on others.

Dream about both “Good” and “Hair” symbolises your ability to get down to the core of the problem. It is time to end a problematic situation or relationship. You need to learn to express your negative emotions instead of keeping it bottled up. Your dream indicates a project or plan that was poorly thought out. You may feel unready, unworthy, or unsupported in your current circumstances.

Dream about good hair is a metaphor for your perseverance and tenacity. You are feeling emotional torn. There is something that you need to make a mental note of. The dream is sometimes increased confidence in your ability to create something new and useful. Someone is pushing you beyond your limits.

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