Dream about green praying mantis

Dream about Green Praying Mantis signals a special event, appointment or important date in your life. You are in need of a change of scenery. You are doing your best and making the best out of a situation. The dream points to your obligations to others. You also pride yourself in your loyalty and generosity.

Green in your dream is an indication for your desires to be left alone. You are having difficulties verbally communicating your thoughts and feelings across. You need to join or incorporate certain characteristics into yourself. The dream is a clue for past mistakes and regrets in your life. You need time for contemplation.

Pray dream stands for repetition. You are deviating from your original life path. You have uncovered a part of yourself that you did not realize existed within yourself. The dream is an indication for someone who escapes responsibility or culpability. You do not have a solid foundation needed for success.

Mantis in this dream draws attention to your commitment to be fair in a situation. Perhaps you are afraid of hearing some truth. Sometimes you need to compromise your ideals and be more realistic of your expectations. Your dream represents your initiative to regain control and take steps toward the direction of your goals. Someone is concerned about you.

Dreaming of Green and Pray and Mantis

Green and Pray is a premonition for a change in your outlook and way of thinking. You are being caught off guard or caught by and surprised. You are feeling mortified. The dream refers to a memory and brain power. You will or have achieve power and courage.

Dream About Green Mantis is about new beginnings, renewal, an awakening or starting over. Various aspects of yourself are converging together for a common goal. You are using your power against others. The dream indicates your role in someone else’s decision making process. You are welcoming fun and festivities in your life.

Dream About Praying Mantis refers to previously suppressed material that is coming to light. You are making a career change or getting a promotion. You are neglecting your emotional, mental and spiritual health. Your dream denotes fortitude and your ability to offer happiness to others. You dare someone to do something.

Dream about Green Praying Mantis is an indication for hope and happiness. You really need to confront and explore your unconscious. Rapid changes ahead for you. Your dream represents the path between heaven and earth. You can restore your faith, optimism and hope.

Sometimes, dream about green praying mantis is an alert for aspects of yourself that you are still trying to get to know. You are being none or nothing. You are breaking through obstacles and overcoming your limitations. Your dream is unfortunately a warning signal for trouble, loss and overwhelming grief. You need to stop being in denial.

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