Dream about growth on body

Dream about Growth On Body suggests your good health and prosperity. You need to consider the physical, the emotional and the spiritual aspects of a situation or decision. It is your way of obtaining moments of lightheartedness and fun. The dream is your desires to stay connected with others. You may be undergoing a period of introspection and thinking.

Growth On Body is a premonition for your creative energy flow. That you are experiencing twice as much vitality, strength and energy. You are unwilling to part with your old ways. The dream symbolises your sense of loyalty. You feel whole.

Dreaming of Growth and Body

Growth in your dream states feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. You are afraid of losing something close to you because of certain difficulties. You are secretly plotting against others or someone else is working against you. The dream symbolises the experiences of your parents or ancestors. You are stretching yourself too thin, either financially, physically, emotionally or time-wise.

Growth in this dream is a clue for aspects of yourself that were prominent or developed during the time you lived in your home. You need to look at a problem from a different perspective. You are trying to make light of how you really feel. The dream states the integration of various aspects of yourself. Some emotions that you are holding back are on the verge of erupting.

Body in dream is a signal for someone that tickles your fancy. There are some aspects of yourself that you have denied. You are going around in circles and showing little progress. The dream denotes a female in your life who is emotionally cold. Even though you know that it is unhealthy to avoid this issue, you continue to do so.

Body dream draws attention to a level of support you may be receiving. You are open-mined and easy-going. Perhaps there is a decision that you need to weigh and think through carefully. The dream draws attention to your need to downsize some aspect of your life in order to make it more palatable or manageable. It takes hard work to remain at the top.

Dream about both “Growth” and “Body” hints a desperate situation where you are feeling restricted and confined. You may have compromised your own beliefs and values. You are trying to reach out for support. Your dream is your anxieties and fears that he/she won’t like you back. You have neglected your duties or abandoned your responsibilities.

Dream about growth on body stands for hope and salvation. You need to learn to question everything. You have a lot of love to offer. The dream signifies your own weakness and neediness. You are approaching your goals with careful forethought and preparation.

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