Dream about hallways and doors

Dream about Hallways And Doors is a clue for your expanded awareness and a deep-level personality development. You are enjoying life. There is something important holding you back. This dream is a symbol for an improvement or positive turn to your situation. You are feeling emotionally charged.

Hallways And Doors is a harbinger for potential, bewilderment and wonder. You will successfully overcome a problem that was giving you much anxiety. You are learning to be comfortable in the spotlight. This dream hints the emergence of a fresh idea. You are seeking higher understanding and knowledge.

Dreaming of Hallway and Door

Hallway in your dream is a metaphor for some aspect of yourself that is private. You are going through some sort of emotional turmoil in your life. You are distracted from going after your own goals. This dream is your way of protecting yourself from life’s harsh realities. You are experiencing upward mobility or progressing toward your goals.

Hallway in this dream points at repentance of your actions and errors. You are losing sight of your ambitions and goals. Things are not what it seems. The dream represents your leadership skills. You are trying to force certain thoughts and issues into your subconscious mind.

Door in dream points to a situation in your life that you are ignoring. It is time to get your life in order. You are feeling divided about an issue. The dream is a signal for a yearning or desire for something you do not have. Your idealistic notions are deteriorating or being shattered apart.

Door dream is a hint for despair and hopelessness. You feel being picked on. You need to focus on you and only you. The dream is an evidence for feelings of rejection by society. You may be dealing with life issues of birth, marriage and death.

Dream about both “Hallway” and “Door” is sadly a warning signal for a lack of control, insecurity and lack of support in your life. Some changes in your life does not necessarily imply a negative turn of events. Your hard work and abilities are not going unnoticed. The dream is sadly an alert for a personal or work-related problem. An issue will only get out of hand if you do not address it.

Dream about hallways and doors denotes your open-mindedness and quest for knowledge. You are expressing some dissatisfaction about your life. You or someone is diverting attention away from the real issue. Your dream is about your strength, ambition, competitive nature decisiveness and willpower. You are pursuing a new or different path.

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I saw a very long hallway with many doors. All the doors were open. I was afraid to go down the hallway.


I saw my self walking back and forth through short hallways which were connected by doors that I easily opened by pushing on them. Finally, I came to the end of a hallway where I saw a men and a woman that invited me to go down an unknow path or hallway. I obsesrved the hall from afar feeling curious distrustful.


I saw 2 hallways, v shaped, with one door at the end of each hallway. There was a guide telling me what was behind each door. Nothing significant, the guide told me that the right door had a (black) man, and I don’t recall what the left one had, but I decided to go in it. Then I woke up.
Also, my ex friend was with me while I was choosing which hallway to go into. She’s been reoccurring in my dreams as well. Not like any of my other ex friends, which I find strange.


I had a dream I walked down the hallway and then I turned to the right and walked into someone home, but I didn’t realized it was someone’s home at first. Then I saw a big white cake on their dinning table. and the the owner walked in with his daughter. I explain to him it was an accident. before I left a slimy spider bit the back of my neck.


thank you <3


I was walking down a hallway with doors on either side the walls were brown and there was old carpet I opened one of the first doors on my left and as I started to open it I started seeing a body on the floor and as I got half way open and I could only see the legs a door opened at the very end of the hall and it was my face but it looked scary and it told me to not go in there and then I woke up


my dream was in a house with doors open but no hallways but my family was there

Isamar Tarira

I had a dream where I was in a reality where there was a pool party and everyone was having fun I went inside the house in the laundry room and there was this door I opened it and it was a hallway full of pink doors I walked in and the door closed and disappeared I was afraid because I was alone in a strange place I kept walking and opening doors and they each led to either a different reality with different people in it or another hallways with many different doors in different colors I kept

Isamar Tarira

I open this one door with this girl in her room and she was on her laptop and I went in and asked her for help but she didn’t hear me this lady appear and told me she’s too focus in her reality to notice people like you I asked this woman for help and to show me the way not back to my reality but a much better one she took me to this other hall way where there was a lot of people in Halloween costumes trick or treating in this hallway this hallway was “haunted” she just left me there to figure


I had a dream about a blue corridor, I saw a toillet door but kept going anyways. And then I came back I saw the same 2 Doors but I just ignore it and kept going, them then I was calling for 5 names? Dunno, then I arrived in a room with a picnic gray table the school ones.


I was having a dream where I was being chased by a wherewolf like creature in a green hallway with turns and sharp corners and a LOT of doors


I walked out of a door into a hallway with one other door. In front of the door there was an ex lover of mine, who I know from my past. He was in front of the door sitting down looking sad. We locked eyes as I walked away down the hall. We did not speak. We never stopped eye contact. Then I woke up.

Ash Saldana

It was a vary long skinny hallway with doors and random tables on the side of some doors but the end of the hallway was like foggy and solid white and I couldn’t see threw it and couldn’t turn around just move forward , and as I moved forward it would just be more doors and hallway but the fog stayed the same distance never moveing


i dreamed of opening three doors until I saw this hallway with a closed door in eleven feet away from me. (they’re all white doors btw), and i suddenly felt too little nervous to go in the hall to open that door being closed like i wasn’t ready but i wanted to open.