Dream about holding a duck

Dream about Holding A Duck is a hint for something else that is really bothering you. You feel that you are in a precarious position at work or in some group project. You have more self confidence and belief in yourself. The dream is a symbol for inner dignity. Trust and honesty are important qualities.

Holding A Duck is an evidence for the ability to express yourself and communicate your thoughts and ideas. You are holding something back, especially when it comes to your emotions. You feel you are being scrutinized despite putting forth your best effort. Your dream is an indication for the connection between your mind and your heart. You are shedding your old identity.

Dreaming of Hold and Duck

Hold in your dream signals abundance. You are letting others decide for you. You are looking for a solution to a problem. Your dream denotes the cycle of life and may be trying to offer you hope in the midst of despair. Perhaps, the disturbing events may have left a strong impression in your mind.

Hold in this dream is about a transitional phase where you are approaching a new direction in life. You are clinging on to the past or to some false hope. You dread change. The dream draws attention to unfinished/unresolved issues related to a specific relationship. Perhaps deep inside you know that he/she is not the one for you.

Duck in dream is a clue for some very deep pain or internal conflict within your soul. Sometimes you need to take a chance. Someone who you thought was your friend may actually be working against you. The dream is an evidence for some sort of trouble that is entering your life. You are searching for order in your life.

Duck dream signals disappointments and failures. You tend to speak your mind even if it may offend others. You are coyly making your emotional feelings known. This dream hints others who share your viewpoints and ideas. There is something you need to mark-down or remember.

Dream about both “Hold” and “Duck” is a warning alert for domesticity and the monotony of your daily routine. You need to analyze aspects of your life for any potential problems that might trip you up later on. You feel that you have no voice or no choice in a situation. This dream stands for misfortune, evil and harm. You are experiencing some anxieties about losing control, either physically or emotionally.

Dream about holding a duck suggests a developing awareness. There is something in your life that is in need of your attention. It is time for you to move away from a group setting and venture out on your own. Your dream is a portent for feeling so negativity and inferiority. You need to build or work on in your relationships.

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Jean Simmonds

I dreamt I picked a frozen blue duck out of the water, taking the duck back to my hotel room he came alive , I left him lying on my bed looking up at me ,the dream finished

Anne Myers

I dreamt of being amongst friends at an event outdoors and in my circle there’s a boy I like but I don’t want him to know even though he’s really nice and likes talking to me in the dream, I’m afraid of him thinking im dumb. We have fun and I go off by myself for a minute and the most beautiful little duck walks in my path with all colors of the rainbow. I scoop him up and hold him under my chin cause he’s afraid and I run back to show my friend(I like) the cute duck but Robbie is gone. confused


Holding and patting a wooden duck.


I dreamt where I was given a black and white snake,a hen and a duck. And the person told me that the universe has blessed me.they said those animal was born the same day I was born and that they are happy to reunite me with them.i collected them and the snake curled on my shoulder.


I dreamt of a lot of baby translucent & slippery ducks. They were sliding through the grass. We were getting them and couldn’t tell if we would grab them from their tails or head bcs they were see through.