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Dream about holding a spear

Dream about Holding A Spear states your expanded awareness. Perhaps it is you who is in need. You need to set some time for fun and relaxation. The dream is a symbol for passion and heated emotions. You are confronting and exploring aspects of your subconscious in full force.

Holding A Spear is a symbol for completion and wholeness. It also refers to your achievements. Something or someone is jeopardizing your self-esteem and emotional well-being. This dream is a metaphor for a very clingy relationship. You will overcome your present circumstance.

Dreaming of Hold and Spear

Hold in your dream signals instability and insecurity in your current situation. You are lying to yourself that everything is okay when in reality it is not. Your own personal views, opinions and your actions will dominate your life. Your dream means rigid authority and emotional repression. You are afraid that others will notice your imperfections.

Spear in dream is a message for pressures about your weight and body issues. You are doing things by rote. You are dealing with past regrets. This dream is a harbinger for the lessons that you are learning from your life. You are trying to sort out aspects of your life.

Dream about both “Hold” and “Spear” draws attention to missed chances, missed opportunities, or missed judgment calls. You don’t let trivial things bother you and tend to go with the flow. You need to communicate your anger in a more effective and rational manner. The dream expresses regrets, past hurts or what ifs. You may be trying to compensate for the sadness or stress in your life.

Dream about holding a spear hints your quick thinking and quick-action. You need to enjoy some frivolity and have some light-hearted fun in your life. You are in a comfortable stage in your life and may be seeking spiritual enlightenment. This dream is a sign for intellect, stability and status. You want to be one with nature.

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