Dream about house being set on fire

Dream about House Being Set On Fire suggests fear of intimacy. You are exploring a completely new way of doing something. Something that was previously hidden is now being revealed to you. The dream is a portent for thoughtfulness, remembrance and nobility of the mind. You are expressing some powerful emotion which you have kept pent up inside.

Dream about House Being Set On Fire is sometimes repressed emotional desires and your needs for physical and emotional love. You will have prominence in some field. You are making a fresh new start. This dream states the meeting between your two states of mind. You want a person to open up to you.

Dreaming of House & Be & Set & Fire

House in your dream points at mourning and sadness. You have insufficient information to make a clear decision. You need to introduce a little spice into your life. The dream states some major change. You are renewing or updating your self image.

Be dream represents your impatience. You are being too petty over minor issues. You may need to discard your old ways of thinking and habits. Your dream suggests feelings of hopelessness about some situation or circumstance. You are trying to understand your own feelings and sort your attitudes.

Set in this dream is repressed emotional energies, fertility and virility. You are looking for a safe outlet to express your frustrations. You need to look out for yourself and protect yourself from emotional or psychological harm. Your dream is a premonition for something that you are trying to manipulate. There are some issues or feelings that are eating up inside you.

Fire in dream is about the difficulty you are experiencing in some situation. Perhaps you are becoming too domineering or overly confident. You need to be more flexible. The dream suggests your desires to be left alone. You need to organize your mind and thoughts.

Dream About House Was is an indication for memories from childhood. You may experience a higher consciousness, new-found freedom and greater awareness. You are feeling extremely anxious about the unknown changes that are in store for you. This dream represents the easy going and party attitudes. You are broadening your mind and opening yourself to new experiences.

Dream About Set On Fire means fresh and new ideas, growth and development of the Self. You need to pay more attention to what people are telling you and conveying to you. You are experiencing new awareness that is unfolding in your life. This dream is an indication for pride and self-love. You feel that you are undeserving.

Dream About Being Set On Fire is the brain and issues of power and prowess. You have a new drive to succeed in life. You need to listen more. The dream indicates the spiritual realm and the supernatural. Some friend or family member is in need of your help.

Sometimes, dream about house being set on fire is sadly a fear of losing your place in the world. You are trying to understand your Self and find out who you are. You feel that you are thrown into a situation that you cannot control. Your dream is a warning signal for two opposing viewpoints or conflicting opinions. You may be bragging too much.

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