Dream about house renovation

Dream about House Renovation is a harbinger for steady and satisfactory progress in your future endeavors. You are going in circles. You or someone is making a commitment to work on some familial task. Your dream is a portent for a family unit. Something important has just been made aware to you.

House Renovation points at a relationship or a man in your life. Some unexpected issue will delay the achievement of your goals and plans. You are drawing from past experiences and putting it to use in your current situation. Your dream refers to emotional distress/disharmony. Good things come to those who wait.

Dreaming of House and Renovation

House in your dream is sometimes your hopes or your fears of how things will turn out. You need to be careful not to get carried away by your emotions. You or someone else is using their position of power to do harm. This dream is some fear that you do not know how to deal with. You need to proceed at a steady pace in realizing your goals.

House in this dream states the raw emotion and intense passion or anger that is flowing through you and yearning to be expressed. You feel that you are being treated unjustly. Perhaps you are trying to memorize something. Your dream is a symbol for your difficulties and hardships. You have no sense of urgency in things.

Renovation in dream is a premonition for your fear of change and your ambivalence about seizing an opportunity. You are feeling weighed down by other people’s problems. Perhaps you are living too much in the past as it is influencing and effecting your present life. The dream means a situation or a place which is new or unfamiliar to you. You are suppressing your feelings.

Renovation dream is a sign for your negative feelings about a relationships. You are desperate to be accepted. You need to be cautious about what people are telling you. This dream is a hint for an unfamiliar situation. You need to change your attitude and your way of thinking.

Dream about both “House” and “Renovation” is a warning signal for failure to realize your hopes and desires. Of fear, low self-esteem issues and insecurities. You are wasting your time or letting time pass you by. The dream is unfortunately a warning for something you have forgotten to do. You need to be more responsive to others, instead of just sitting back and waiting for things to happen.

Dream about house renovation is a sign for frugality and thriftiness. You have a strong support system. You are in a good place in your life right now. This dream is a metaphor for a connection and union between the spiritual realm and the physical realm. Perhaps you are wanting everything served to you on a silver platter.

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I dreamed I came home and my house had been changed/ renovations were made without my permission. I had bigger washroom, laundry room, and living room. Although I was disturbed that the changes were made without my permission —I liked them.


I dreamed my leaving room being extended and renovated and my entire house painted. The move that surprised me relatives


Dream about going home, everything was good outside but when I entered the house I was amazed everything seemed renovated and clean the the house is filled with green-white tile color it was pleasant to look on then I looked to my paper and I erased something on the paper, then I said “this is my elder sister’s fault” them mom said “what did you say?” And I replied “nothing mom.”


I dreamt that my parents helped me renovate a house what does it mean


I was in the car with my man and his grandson.he showed me the house he is shortly moving to.i asked for clarification and he became irritated but explained further.i got out of the car because I was already near my house.he reversed and bumped one of my neighbor s gate lamps drive away but his car spined upsidedown near the house he is about to move in.i rushed into my house to change clothes in order to offer him help but couldn’t


I dreamed going to my uncle house found that is was changed with big windows my brother telling me he couldn’t afford for a glass where he used bricks to close the window and a very tall Walls


I dreamt that woman boarding her horses at my stable for free made renovations to my barn without my permission. A barn my parents both built together. I was furious.