Dream about lamp

Dream about Lamp is an indication for your need to belong and your need to feel protected. You need to be more resourceful. You need to better manage your time. The dream draws attention to lost or missed opportunities. You have difficulties telling what is right and wrong.

Lamp is a signal for your non-conformist attitude. You need to stop talking about others. You are worried about how to tackle and resolve your problems. This dream is a symbol for an unhealthy, abusive relationship. You tend to take on more than you can handle.

Dream about Lamp [an artificial source of visible illumination] is a portent for your feelings of loneliness, either by choice or by circumstances. You need to be more spontaneous. You are looking for acceptance. The dream is a signal for a destructive and forbidden desire or obsession. You are taking everything too personally.

Dream about Lamp [a piece of furniture holding one or more electric light bulbs] states repentance of your actions and errors. You need to be more religious or that you need to be more spiritual. You are holding back on what you really want to say. This dream is an indication for some characteristics that you need to acknowledge within yourself. You are being counterproductive.

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