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Dream about looking for house

Dream about Looking For House is an evidence for your role in someone else’s decision making process. Your emotions are overwhelming you at the moment. You are feeling over-burdened and pressured. This dream points to a spiritual message from above. You are feeling like a burden to somebody.

Looking For House hints the importance of spiritual enlightenment and inner strength as opposed to material richness. You are keeping your distance from a situation or relationship. You may feel alienated by society. This dream is a hint for your determination to succeed and achieve your goals. You are moving ahead in life on your own terms.

Dreaming of Look and House

Look in your dream is a clue for that your passions may be out of control. It is time to release past grudges and build on future relationships. You are feeling vulnerable or weak in some situation. The dream hints a simpler time or to a time where you felt a certain way. You will overcome some difficulty which has been giving you much anxiety.

House in dream denotes the pressure you are putting on yourself. You are wanting to prevent yourself from getting hurt in a relationship. There is something harming or interfering with your emotional well being. The dream points at repressed thoughts, death and dreaded expectations. Perhaps you have lost the autonomy to move forward toward your goals.

Dream about both “Look” and “House” is sadly a warning signal for obstacles and barriers toward your goals. Little things can add up to be a major issue later if not addressed immediately. You are moving quickly and effectively through some old emotional issues. The dream is sadly an alert for illumination, clarity, guidance, plain understanding and insight. You are trying to hide your true feelings and only reveal half truths.

Dream about looking for house expresses spiritual refreshment. You are putting up a front or facade. You see being nurturing as a weakness. This dream is an indication for your distinct and unique character. You can do anything if you set your mind to it.

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I dreamt that me and my boyfriend were at a new house, looking to purchase it.
I remember being excited in my dream, but that’s all I can recall.


I saw huge water body. Far away there were new houses being constructed out of wood and a model house. Wanted to go see them. My child, brothers n me reached there on a boat. We saw a road but there was no roadway to those houses. We spend a lot of time seeing model house. Saw another half constructed house n thought the house plan was same. Came back to model house. Property employees were back to show the house to others n we left. After they left, we went again and were changing clothes.


I dream I was looking for a house to rent but when I reach to the house it was a small board house

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