Dream about maggots on body

Dream about Maggots On Body suggests a transitional period in your life where you will be moving on to a new stage. You are feeling closed off. There is a price you will need to pay. The dream represents an aspect of your life (career, relationship, children, etc), which is consistently draining your enthusiasm and vitality. Your passion may consume you.

Maggots On Body is a message for a sense of freedom and lack of responsibilities and duties. You may be inviting love toward your direction. You are suppressing your thoughts and feelings. This dream denotes the eternal bond and love between mother and child. You need to reevaluate your character and work on the qualities and attributes that are most important to you.

Dreaming of Maggot and Body

Maggot in your dream indicates your need to calm down after a highly charged emotional situation or state. Things will work out in the long run. You are on your way toward realizing your goals and desires. This dream refers to loneliness or solitude. Perhaps there is something that someone is trying to hide.

Maggot in this dream signifies concerns over your well-being. You need to spring into action quickly. Your mental and emotional health is being neglected. Your dream is a message for your need to be more cautious before proceeding on to new situations or adventures. You may be using people or taking advantage of them in some way.

Body in dream is a harbinger for your hospitality and sociability. You tend to take on more than you can handle. You need to communicate your emotional concerns and desires. The dream is a metaphor for your foundation, stability and sense of understanding. You do not have confidence in your own abilities.

Body dream is about a conflict between your Self and your desires and between instant gratification and long term goals. You are starting to shed your outer wall or lose your inhibitions. You need to make-up with someone. This dream indicates your need to organize and sort your thoughts. You need to rethink the risks you are taking.

Dream about both “Maggot” and “Body” is an indication for death, doom or rebirth. You are introducing something into yourself that is harmful to your well-being. You are being fake, artificial and insensitive in some way. This dream is a metaphor for confusion, hastiness and loss of dignity. You desire independence and control of your own destiny, but something or someone is holding you back.

Dream about maggots on body signifies community, simplicity and tradition. You are feeling out of touch. You are coming to terms with your emotions. The dream is a premonition for life’s small, but sweet rewards. Your achievements and accomplishments are attributed to your determination and drive.

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