Dream about male shoes

Dream about Male Shoes is a metaphor for a memory of a person in your life who is very intelligent. You will be involved in some important matter or decision. Somebody is offering you some advice. This dream is a hint for your competitive nature and the need to win. You are proceeding through life at a steady pace.

Male Shoes is a portent for your mind and its flowing thoughts. You may be feeling overpowered, dominated and being told what to do. Perhaps you have developed feelings for your friend and are wondering how he or she feels. The dream is a signal for fair or fairness. Don’t take life so seriously; take it easy.

Dreaming of Male and Shoe

Male in your dream is a harbinger for stress, anxiety and fear. You feel that you are literally being ripped apart. You are discovering your hidden talents and are ready to unleash your potential. This dream is a symbol for your need to shut out a person in your life who has been using you. You need to organize your life and keep things in order.

Male in this dream suggests repressed anger that needs to be expressed. You are looking for an emotional uplift or need some time to heal. You need to open the lines of communication with someone in your life. This dream is a symbol for resurrection, reincarnation and fertility. You are seeking some solace.

Shoe in dream hints a life situation where you are being put on the defensive. You need to come down from you lofty ambitions or idealistic notions. You are diverting or deflecting your feelings instead of confronting them. This dream indicates aspects of yourself that you are rejecting. You have a tendency to jump from one thing to another.

Shoe dream is about something or some situation that you need to handle with care. You are holding back some aspect of yourself. You tend to worry about what people think of you. Your dream is a premonition for an emotional cry for help. You are looking out for your own self and your own needs.

Dream about both “Male” and “Shoe” unfortunately draws attention to your inability to settle down or commit to a decision. You putting up a defensive wall in an effort to hide your anxieties or shortcomings. You need to be more open and tolerant of things that you may not be used to. Your dream draws attention to some abusive situation or unfortunate circumstance. It is time to quit punishing yourself and take it easy for a while.

Dream about male shoes states something that is alluring, yet forbidden. With patience, control and precision, you will succeed in your goals. You are reevaluating your goals. The dream is about being the best. You are putting up an emotional barrier.

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