Dream about mango seed

Dream about Mango Seed is a harbinger for riches. You prefer the simpler things in life. You are questioning certain issues about yourself. The dream is a signal for sensuality, intensity and drama. You will face many obstacles as you try to figure out your path in life.

Mango Seed represents some aspect of your own self. You are ready to confront some childhood pain trauma and move forward with your life. You are gaining a new perspective on things. This dream states a past lesson that you have learned and is applicable in some aspect of your life now. You are feeling emotionally repressed.

Dreaming of Mango and Seed

Mango in your dream is an indication for issues that are bothering you. You have a very low opinion of yourself or of someone in your life. You will find resolution by looking within yourself and your past. The dream is a harbinger for a situation where you felt powerless. You need to preserve your energy.

Mango in this dream hints your need for a much needed vacation or break. You may feel some sort of threat/chaos or sense some coldness from those around you. You are behaving in an inappropriate way in some area of your life. Your dream is a signal for some financial gain. You are also harboring some insecurities about your emotions.

Seed in dream draws attention to a situation that is in need of repair or attention. You need to step away from a situation that will harm you. You are becoming too deeply involved in something that is beyond your control. This dream is a portent for being stumped on some problem or issue. You need to acknowledge and understand your feelings.

Seed dream is an evidence for someone in your life who you are not sure if you can trust or rely on. You are regressing into childlike behavior. The opinions and beliefs of others are being forced upon you. The dream is a clue for a mental process. You need to be more giving and charitable.

Dream about both “Mango” and “Seed” is unfortunately a warning signal for your insecurities and your fears of being abandoned. You are feeling insecure about something that you should not be insecure about. There is too much going on in your life that you are losing sight of what’s important. The dream unfortunately draws attention to anger and uncontrolled aggression. You are manipulating others or manipulating some outcome.

Dream about mango seed means your potential to achieve your goals. You possess a lot of insight. You are hungering for a new experience. Your dream refers to a solid foundation of fortune. You are experiencing peace of mind.

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I dreamt of eating a mango and whilst eating it I saw a small seed
Like a maize seed inside the mango and it was growing but the main mango seed was still inside intact


I dreamt about mango seed in my body, below my left armpit… I tried to force it out, like 2-3 mangoes seed, came out.. I became scared… So I asked for a doctor, he came after 6 minutes, gave me a drip in the dream, then I became unconscious. When I woke up, the part of the body where did mango seed came out from was operated on… No stitches at all… The place(below my armpit) became normal… Then the doctor said I am fine… That i can go home… Then I woke up… Please i need clarity