Dream about nasty cats

Dream about Nasty Cats is a sign for your emotional state of mind. You are pondering thoughts about your inner self. You need to take advantage of certain opportunities while it is still available. The dream is a metaphor for your family ties and home life. There is balance in your life.

Nasty Cats hints an aspect of your life that is in pieces. You are flighty and always on the move. You are opening something. This dream states your drive and ambition. History repeats itself.

Dreaming of Nasty and Cat

Nasty in your dream indicates fears of abandonment. You are trying to find a way to express this neglected part of yourself. You are having trouble paying attention. This dream is a message for the beginning of new changes in your life. You need to show more cooperation.

Nasty in this dream is about luck, spring, femininity and youth. Perhaps you need to let go of a relationship. Perhaps you are undertaking some business endeavor or venture where a lot of money is at stake. The dream states your need for patience. You are afraid to say something for fear of being criticized or judged.

Cat in dream states your desire to temporarily escape from the demands of your life. Your vitality and energy is being drained away by some situation or someone else. You are afraid of confronting your own feelings. This dream is an omen for a new opportunity or challenge. You need to be more accepting and tolerant of the differences in humanity.

Cat dream is about your fears of not being able to cope with the pressures and stresses of everyday life. You need to be more optimistic. You are not making any progress toward your goals. Your dream symbolises confusion and ambiguity in the direction of your life. You may be experiencing a disturbing dream and your conscious is seeking to alleviate an impact.

Dream about both “Nasty” and “Cat” is a sign for your fear of your changing surroundings or your fear of losing your home and family. You feel lonely and rejected. You have lost your frame of reference in a relationship or situation. Your dream is a hint for a transitional phase toward independence. You are experiencing a period of healing and an end to the negative ideas in your mind.

Dream about nasty cats signifies the merging of your mental and spiritual state. You are also very family oriented. Someone is giving you permission to do something that you are having doubts about in your life. Your dream symbolises riches. You are moving toward a goal with full momemtum.

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