Dream about oil lamp

Dream about Oil Lamp represents the subconscious and your repressed thoughts/emotions. You have some growing up to do and need to plan for the future. Your thoughts and ideas are preventing you from moving forward. This dream is a harbinger for relaxation. You are feeling reenergized.

Oil Lamp signals a clean start and a fresh, new perspective. You are trying to connect with your spiritual energy. You are always on the move. The dream signals the devouring female. You have something to prove to others.

Dreaming of Oil and Lamp

Oil in your dream points to being consumed by your own ambition or obsession. You are welcoming the changes that are occurring. You are being a snob. Your dream points at secrecy and a repression of thoughts. You need to smooth over some rough spots in your situation or relationship.

Oil in this dream hints your reservations about embarking in a new relationship or situation. Perhaps you are putting too much emphasis on your outward appearances. You may be harboring aggression that is about to blow up. Your dream is a message for some important advice that you may have overlooked, but need to heed. You are questioning someone’s loyalty or the idea of unconditional love.

Lamp in dream is a clue for your arrogance and that you need to tone it down. You need to get rid of the old in order to welcome in the new and better. You are not afraid to exert your dominance in a relationship. This dream is a portent for issues related to the past. An aspect of your self is need of rescue.

Lamp dream represents your ability to cut things or people out of your life. You are afraid to be your true self. You are receiving some message from your subconscious. This dream refers to a new idea or some newly developed situation. You should look within yourself for the solution to a problem instead of relying on outside help.

Dream about both “Oil” and “Lamp” is a harbinger for regrets with the ending of some personal relationship. You do not feel grounded. You need to utilize your mind and not let your emotions get out of control. This dream states your own physical characteristic, primitive desires and emotional nature. You are letting your potential go to waste.

Dream about oil lamp is a portent for a mysterious and powerful force. You are harvesting some creative energy. A dark cloud will hover over you. The dream is a harbinger for success, wisdom and divine power. The path that you have chosen for yourself can easily be altered.

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my master telling me to fill oil in lamp properly