Dream about pills

Dream about Pills draws attention to your fears that some hidden aspect of your life will be discovered or made public. You are overreacting in some situation. You have a fear of separation or fear of being alone. The dream is a metaphor for your supportive nature. You are experiencing some momentary anxiety or pain, but you will be a better and stronger person for it in the long run.

Pills states sharing and companionship. You cannot rely on others for your sense of security. Perhaps you are feeling ignored, neglected, or overshadowed. The dream is an indication for death, old age or an ending of something. You need to get something out of your system or cut it out of your life.

Dream about Pill [something that resembles a tablet of medicine in shape or size] is about obstacles in your business or personal life. You need to learn to think for yourself. All your conflicts have dissipated. This dream is sometimes reality. You will reap the fruits of your labor.

Dream about Pill [a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet] is a sign for your aggressive or sadomasochistic tendencies. Perhaps your strength or will is being put to the test. You are trying to find clarity to a situation. This dream is mental and intellectual expansion. Someone is trying hard to communicate their thoughts to you.

Dream about Pill [a unpleasant or tiresome person] suggests your adaptability and versatility to various situations. You feel lost. You need a break from the monotony. Your dream points to your camaraderie and oneness with others toward a common cause. You are at the brink of desperation and want to destroy something or some aspect of yourself.

Dream about Pill [something unpleasant or offensive that must be tolerated or endured] represents your inflated sense of yourself. The opinions and beliefs of others are being forced upon you. You may be entering the healing stages of some situation. Your dream is an omen for sudden changes in a situation. You are standing in middle ground.

Dream about Pill [a contraceptive in the form of a pill containing estrogen and progestin to inhibit ovulation and so prevent conception] is a premonition for the merging of the child and adult within yourself. You are feeling victimized. You don’t need to focus on material wants and gains. Your dream hints you to be careful when it comes to the persuasions of the opposites gender. You need to incorporate some attributes into a situation in your daily life.

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I had a dream that I was in a hospital and was given sleeping pills I took one, and then five more. And then I passed out for awhile in the dream. When I woke up in real life everything was fine.