Dream about playing the claw machine

Dream about Playing The Claw Machine refers to your heart and its power. You are acknowledging your new choices, decisions and a new sense of freedom. You are undergoing major changes in your life. This dream is a hint for your need to express more love and affection. You are refusing to see the danger in a situation.

Play in your dream refers to your helplessness and your fears of letting others become aware of your vulnerabilities and incompetence. You need to put a little more pep in some area of your life. You are suppressing your own needs or feelings. The dream refers to a state of vulnerability. Perhaps you need to lend a helping hand to someone.

Claw dream is a symbol for feelings that you have been wronged or treated unfairly. What may be seemingly harmless can have serious repercussions. You need to acknowledge the youth and child in you. The dream stands for your tendency to distance yourself from others. You may be putting up an invisible emotional barrier around yourself.

Machine in this dream symbolises your spirituality and expression of your feelings about divinity. You need to carefully think about how to proceed with a situation, before acting. You need to learn to adjust to the various situations and circumstances in your life. This dream is your need to break free from a routine, old idea, or a relationship. You are feeling cut-off or isolated.

Dreaming of Play and Claw and Machine

Play and Claw is a signal for contrasting images of civilized nobility and aggression/ferocity. You are allowing others to manipulate you. You are having difficulties expressing your thoughts and ideas. This dream is a harbinger for commitment. You are given certain freedoms to explore who you are.

Play and Machine suggests your surroundings. You are ready to move to a new stage of your life. You feel that someone or some situation is sucking the life right out of you. The dream refers to your values and belief system. You need to look at things from a different level in order to gain a new perspective.

Dream About Claw Machine is a clue for your successes and accomplishments. You and your lover are able to co-exist and be civil to each other. You are channeling your anger into positive and productive energy. Your dream is a metaphor for your quiet, soft-spoken persona. You are opening yourself up to others.

Dream about Playing The Claw Machine suggests self-renewal and your connection with your spirituality. You are keeping up an appearance. You feel that someone is working against you. The dream is a message for unity. You are seeking motivation in the course that you are taking.

Sometimes, dream about playing the claw machine is a hint for your feelings of isolation and loneliness. You are reluctant and hesitant in proceeding forward in some situation. You are not being completely honest. This dream is sadly a lack resources needed to satisfy your needs and desires. A relationship or situation has come to an abrupt and untimely end.

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