Dream about playing with small child

Dream about Playing With Small Child is a metaphor for personal gains and self gratification. You are adverse to change. Someone is imposing and intruding their thoughts and opinions on you. This dream suggests something in your life that is unhealthy. You need to clear up the clutter in your life.

Play in your dream is about an authority figure or guardian who keeps you in check. You need to get out and start doing. You are debating on whether to be more open about your feelings or keep them to yourself. The dream is a portent for your need improve your communication skills or learn to express yourself more clearly. You are less than proud of yourself with something that you did.

Small dream draws attention to drastic changes that you are trying to make. The opinions and beliefs of others are being forced upon you. Perhaps you feel that you are not getting through to others or that they are not understanding you. Your dream is a clue for your feelings of superiority. Some external factor is affecting your relationship in a negative way.

Child in this dream points at hopelessness, grief, self-pity and unforgiveness. Perhaps you are going through some crisis. You will be deeply hurt as a result of envy and jealousy. The dream is an omen for your anxieties and fear of failing. You are not afraid of confronting obstacles that may stand in your way.

Dreaming of Play and Small and Child

Play and Small is a harbinger for anxieties of changing your identity – that of a spouse. You are feeling unstable. Some privileged information or knowledge is about to be revealed to you. Your dream is a symbol for some burden in your life. With time and patience, you will make steady progress.

Dream About Playing With Child suggests your self confidence and high self esteem. You are experiencing a closer connection to someone. There is something that you need to be aware of. Your dream is a metaphor for your desire to be happy and to start a family. You are reevaluating your own path to success.

Dream About Small Child stands for your giving and charitable nature. You are on a self-destructive path. You have come to terms about who you are. The dream is a signal for new beginnings, rebirth and longevity. You will overcome some of your emotional difficulties.

Dream about Playing With Small Child means creative freedom. You need to be more expressive with your ideas. You are letting other people control you and take you in a direction that you do not really want to go. You have the power and knowledge to unlock the contents of your subconscious. The dream is a message for the state of your life. You have great self control and an ability to turn your emotions on and off at will.

Sometimes, dream about playing with small child unfortunately draws attention to broken family connections or failed attempts in reestablishing familial ties. You are ready to rid yourself of the extra weight, negative habits and excesses that are holding you back. You do not let boundaries stop you from doing what you want. Your dream is sadly a warning signal for defeated hopes and a dark, gloom outlook in your endeavors. You cannot let actions of some people bring you down.

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Good day dreamsopedia, I dreamt about playing with a lil child. The child was my child (son) in the dream. We had alot of fun, we laughed all through and I was very happy to have a good relationship with the child. In waking life, I’m a bachelor, no kids, no girlfriend. I’m single. I don’t understand what the dream means.