Dream about poem

Dream about Poem is a clue for some pent up anger. You need to keep your guard up. It is time to get serious. This dream draws attention to something you are trying to convey or express from the heart. You are protected against some negativity in your life.

Poem symbolises loss of love and broken companionship. You are experiencing some internal conflict or emotional struggle which is tearing you up inside. You need to be careful about your next step. This dream expresses anticipation or opportunity. You need to stand up for yourself and let your voice be known.

Dream about Poem [a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines] is about your raw emotions or immoral behaviors. You are keeping in some negative emotions and attitudes that need to be released and expressed. Perhaps you need to pool your efforts together. Your dream is a signal for someone you are interested in. You need to expose and examine some secrets and learn from them.

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