Dream about powdered milk

Dream about Powdered Milk is a symbol for where you came from and how you got to be where you are today. You are putting your fate in someone else’s hand. You need to develop some qualities within yourself in order to become a more stronger and confident person. This dream is a hint for a new and developing phase in your life. You may be getting to the truth of something.

Powdered Milk signals longevity, security and good old fashion values. Something or someone is preventing you from seeing the truth. You need to be more open and expressive with your emotions. Your dream is an evidence for heart and issues of the heart. You feel you can let your inhibitions go and forget about the cultural mores.

Dreaming of Powdered and Milk

Powdered in your dream signifies your ideas of leadership. You will overcome some difficulty which has been giving you much anxiety. You need to be more carefree, worry-free and light-hearted. This dream suggests missed or denied opportunities. You need to be more sharing and giving.

Powdered in this dream symbolises something that you need to act quickly on or someone else will. You are controlling your feelings. Perhaps, you are being overly cautious in your pursuits. Your dream refers to avoidance in dealing with your problems and in facing your anxieties. Perhaps you are creating a new self-image and taking on a new attitude.

Milk in dream is a metaphor for defiance. Perhaps you are compensating for your rigidity and stiffness in your life. You need to get more acquainted with some aspect of yourself. The dream is an aspect of yourself that you are trying to nurture. You are pursuing empty and fruitless endeavors.

Milk dream is a symbol for your resourcefulness. You need to try to resolve some issues so they can finally be put to rest. You may be afraid of death and dying. The dream is an indication for your desires to control others. You have yet to acknowledge your own authoritativeness in a situation.

Dream about both “Powdered” and “Milk” unfortunately draws attention to troubling times and disappointments. You may be unsatisfied with your present relationship. You may feel a lack of control in the path that your life is taking. This dream sadly draws attention to feelings of bitterness, sorrow, or death. You do not let the comments/criticism of others get to you.

Dream about powdered milk is a symbol for wholesomeness and homegrown goodness. You are ready to let go of the past or move forward. You are struggling with pleasing both your parents without disappointing the other. This dream is a signal for untainted love and honored devotion. You will experience some positive changes in your life.

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Last night i dreamt of receiving 2 big packs of Powdered Milk(Alaska powdered milk) and was given by someone from Italy. What’s the meaning? Thank you

Jane blessings

Dream about sharing powered milk with brother