Dream about prison escape

Dream about Prison Escape is a clue for your growing distrust for a person. Perhaps there is something that you must do. You feel the need to defend your beliefs, values and opinions. This dream refers to an end to some relationship or phase in your life. You need to listen carefully.

Prison Escape expresses you are going to say yes to some question you have been asking yourself. Someone is saying goodbye to you. You are sympathetic and passionate about your beliefs. This dream is a symbol for your enriching and fulfilling life. There is help when you need it.

Dreaming of Prison and Escape

Prison in your dream denotes your frustrations about not being taken seriously. Perhaps you feel that you are being someone you are not in order to please others. You need to make more space for other things in your life. The dream indicates your vulnerability to a situation. Someone or some situation is putting heavy demands on you.

Prison in this dream symbolises your desire to reconnect with a part of yourself that you have lost touch with. You are being refused. You are going against the norm of society. The dream represents death, rebirth, reflection and new beginnings. You are dealing with too much responsibilities.

Escape in dream is a message for a situation where you need to be neutral and not pick sides. You are in need of healing. You are leaving behind your inhibitions. The dream denotes repulsion, decay, dirtiness and even death. You are being overindulgent.

Escape dream is an indication for abundance, longevity and fertility. You are undervaluing yourself or taking somebody else for granted. You may be promoted to a coveted position. This dream is about your struggles and desires to break free. You need to approach some situation with more aggression and determination.

Dream about both “Prison” and “Escape” means the five senses which are sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. You are trying to escape from the problems in your real life, instead of confronting it. You may be feeling overwhelmed by a problem and need some downtime. The dream is a premonition for your femininity and attitude toward a relationship. Your life is going out of control.

Dream about prison escape is a premonition for a way for you to better remember an important component in your life. Your ambition tends to draw people away from you. You are overstepping your boundaries. The dream states discipline, structure, rigidity and your staunch attitude. You are feeling emotionally drained.

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dreamt that my formal neighbor was crying and explaining to one man that she was maltreated in the prison with her husband, As I was approaching where they are the man told her to stop crying that I’m close she immediately entered the house


I almost escaped prison, only one main door remaining. All police were helping me escape I was hiding in a glass place near final exit. All police helped when some inmates tried to rat me out. Police shut them too. But I didn’t escape. I woke up.


I dreamed about many unknown people are trying to escape from jail .they are suffocating behind bars and there is small window in jail bars.and one man is standing behind bars and praying like Hindus by joining his both hands.


I dreamt of escaping prison with someone and we were on the run, police were always one step behind but we were almost caught everytime we found a place to hide, I was underwater in a river hiding from the cops sitting right at the bottom of the water, breathing and had my eyes open, we ended up deciding to surrender and go back to the prison because we just couldn’t not get caught. What does it mean..


In my dream, I saw that a group of people including me were confined in a room. It looked like a prison. I came out and tried an escape.I saw 2/3 people who were already escaping too. I removed my prison attire leaving my shorts.We left and went to a boarding school to look for their uniforms to wear but we seen and we started running.I was saved explaining what had happened to some of the students but the rest we caught on their run and beaten to death. I went out in disguise from the building.

Mike v

I had a dream that I was in prison, and I made some friends, we hatched an escape plan, and it worked beautifully. While it was an intense adventure, I remember telling people in the dream after we escaped how worth it the journey was. I was very happy afterwards, and even though I didn’t think people would believe my story I no longer cared what they thought.


I dreamt escaping from jail