Dream about resigning

Dream about Resigning expresses your old beliefs, attitudes and how you used to think or feel. You have overheard something that you shouldn’t have. You need to resolve issues of the past in order to be able to make a clean, new start for yourself. Your dream points to how you want others to see you. You will be deeply hurt as a result of envy and jealousy.

Resigning means your own insecurities with the relationship. Light is being shed on a once cloudy situation or problem. You are coming into contact with some aspect of your psyche or subconscious. This dream stands for transitions and changes. You need to offer more praise and encouragement toward others.

Dream about Vacate [leave (a job, post, or position) voluntarily] hints guilt. You need to find some sort of a resolution to a problem or issue at hand. You no longer have to hide under some disguise or some shield. The dream is a sign for your preoccupation with time. You are running away from a relationship or situation.

Dream about Leave Office [give up or retire from a position] indicates the integration of various aspects of yourself. You are on a self-destructive path and need to make some significant changes. You are shielding yourself from outside influences. The dream suggests your romantic tendency and or your desire to romanticize everything. You are trying to live up to the expectations of others.

Dream about Release [part with a possession or right] signifies your concerns for a person. You do not want to face your feelings. You want to be perceived in a different way. This dream is a clue for your conservative attitude. You need to be more giving.

Dream about Resign [accept as inevitable] denotes an ending of some carnal behavior. You are seeking harmony within your own surroundings. You are avoiding some issue. Your dream suggests pride and heritage. Your defenses are up.

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