Dream about river of milk

Dream about River Of Milk denotes a prosperous endeavor, new opportunities and fortune. Somebody is guiding you toward a place of security. You are confronting your repressed emotions. This dream suggests grace, compassion, gentleness, meekness and natural beauty. You are reflecting on the progress of your goals.

River Of Milk is a harbinger for warmth. You will go to great lengths to protect your loved ones and your interests. You are literally going back and forth between two choices. Your dream is about emotional curiosity and your need for some sensual stimulation. You are opening up your emotions to others.

Dreaming of River and Milk

River in your dream symbolises your need to break free from a routine, old idea, or a relationship. You are drifting through life, not knowing where you are headed. You may have either said too much or you may need to express yourself more. Your dream is an omen for hard work, labor and diligence. You need to invest a little more effort before your goals come to fruition.

River in this dream points at the decisions and choices that you need to make in your life. You are feeling inadequate or insecure about some aspect of your life. You are looking for financial or emotional independence. This dream draws attention to a relationship or situation that is developing. You want to stand out and be different.

Milk in dream stands for death and the underworld. Things literally bounce off of you. You want to defy expectations. Your dream is an omen for your indecision or your ever changing attitudes toward some situation or issue. You are being mislead into thinking that everything is okay when it is not.

Milk dream states a slippery or elusive situation. You are hoping someone would look your way more often. You need to learn to adapt to various situations. The dream draws attention to a situation where you do not want to know details about. You are acting immaturely.

Dream about both “River” and “Milk” hints low self-esteem and feelings of being unworthy. You are trying to shield yourself from some emotional situation. You need to slow down and not try to please everyone. This dream denotes burning passion or some expressed anger. You are feeling helpless in some situation or unable to make a clear decision.

Dream about river of milk states purity, intellectual stimulation, spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. You are feeling emotionally drained. You will be met with much success in your future. Your dream is a metaphor for a guide of the soul. Life is going well for you.

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