Dream about seeing buddhist monk

Dream about Seeing Buddhist Monk is an omen for solitude and unfaithfulness. It is time to move on. You feel it is your job to repair and put things back in order. Your dream is a signal for joviality and light hearted fun. You are trying to keep a certain feeling or hope alive.

See in your dream suggests some unhealthy aspect that you need to cut from your life. You are looking for some form of acceptance. You are being over analytical or rational. This dream signifies your negative actions. You should be careful in not letting your temper get out of control.

Buddhist dream expresses your desire to be more independent and self-sufficient. Perhaps you are being overlooked. You need to take more initiative and get these accomplished. This dream expresses your nurturing character. You are in need of protection.

Monk in this dream is an evidence for the ending of a phase or project. You need to confront the situation or the person despite the pain and discomfort you might feel in doing so. You need to start acting like an adult. The dream signals a problem or situation that you have overlooked or refuse to address. You are exposing yourself to danger.

Dreaming of See and Buddhist and Monk

See and Buddhist points to secrets. Something in your life is unsuitable. You feel that you have to put your own life on hold. Your dream is an omen for your surroundings. You are feeling physically drained.

Dream About Seeing A Monk hints a personal transformation or a new stage in your life. You need to allow yourself more freedom to do something. It is important to pay attention to the minor details and not to overlook certain things. The dream is a premonition for mystery, wildness and the unknown. You will be victorious despite the negativity surrounding you in your life.

Dream About Buddhist Monks points to ignorance. You are idealizing family life. You are in control of the various aspects of life. Your dream is a harbinger for the end of a cycle and the pause before the beginning of a new endeavor. You may be experiencing an upheaval in your life.

Dream about Seeing Buddhist Monk points to that a sweet opportunity is nearby. You have the power to bravely face the secrets of your subconscious and confront life’s challenges. You have unveiled some hidden skill or talent. Your dream stands for the jolly occasion. You are feeling the financial burden.

Sometimes, dream about seeing buddhist monk is sadly a warning signal for a dead end job or a dead end relationship. There is some decision or situation that you are thinking hard about. Someone will be there to offer you a helping hand and some guidance for your problems. Your dream signals your limitations and lack of freedom/originality. You may be showing off too much or are overly arrogant with your success and achievements.

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I saw a buddhist monk in my dream sitting about in front of me & after sometime later i started talking to the monk because of my fond on the martial arts i ask to the monk about some technics and he taught me to defend myself against others from their different attacks this is he said”focus the angle of attack & defend using ur wrist simply”i don’t why did I go there & that’s it.


I dreamt of swimming to a buddhist temple with monks from the clear water it was like a lake and i was attemting to be one as well but my parents didn’t let me and the dream end


I saw a Buddhist monk giving me a lucky charm which helped me in getting a good luck.


i was chasing by 3 monks with my elder brother but my brother went to different direction and i found my dad i tryna call my brother after but monks pick up the phone and then i saw a group of monks talking to a phone and i told them that ‘stop pretending as my brother come and pick me’ and then we walk together with 3 handsome monks in a building one of em got tattoos and then we all get in to that building and then i woke up.


I had a dream where I was getting out of my old middle school and I saw a girl who was about to steal the stuff that I hid in grass/ dirt which made me mad and I said something about a threat, she ran off to her brother and mom. While going home it got dark and I noticed a coin on the ground. I also saw two monks that I saw before. (I’ve seen them at a buffet and a Walmart in real life) They looked troubled and I gave them the coin and they thanked me. They also keep appearing in my house (dream


I have dreamt that I became Shinto priestess, by legacy.
I come from Christian background!


I do thank you for the fast answer, Sincerely


I was going somewhere with my family (my aunt who has been my mom was there)can’t recall all others.I passed by this beautiful hotel,very beautiful I remember the name (the Hiedelberg)it was by the river and there were monks who seemed to be doing a pilgrimage,and they had other locals and seemed like they were being trained for something and one really got tired and needed much air,they needed me and my family to excuse them,we walked on as I admired the hotel promising to come back.

Shreyashree chettri

I was going somewhere with my family by train and train stopped at one station and I went out and suddenly train started running and I was running for train but I got into the train but after ward’s I saw that I got into a wrong train and I got out in another station then many monks help me to get my right train where my family was