Dream about seeing yourself dead in a coffin

Dream about Seeing Yourself Dead In A Coffin means your suppressed desires for freedom and adventure. You have an elevated sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Something drastic is about to happen. This dream is a sign for purity, chastity and obedience. Perhaps there is something that you can learn from in the past.

See in your dream expresses your adaptability and versatility to various situations. It is time to take the next step and make the plunge. Perhaps there is an article of clothing that you are trying to fit into. This dream is an evidence for approval and acceptance. Perhaps you are still trying to understand someone.

Dead dream refers to issues with your self-image and how you portray yourself to the outside world. You need to have more discipline or be more obedient. You are literally being consumed by your anger. This dream is a metaphor for support and warmth or the lack of commitment. Someone around you has their own hidden agenda.

Coffin in this dream signals your subconscious dislike for his/her significant other. You need to quit doing something. You need to make a space for yourself. Your dream draws attention to your goals and your go-getter attitude. You are afraid of your own desires and fantasies.

Dreaming of See and Dead and Coffin

Dream About Seeing Dead means perseverance. You feel you are being held back from pursuing your goals. You are motivated by personal gains over community goals. The dream is an evidence for your own personal feelings about the your government and its legislation. You want to be unique and different from everybody else.

Dream About Seeing Coffin is a metaphor for the character or persona that you portray in your life. You are always on the move. You are feeling powerless in some situation. The dream refers to setbacks and misfortunes. You may be going through a period of personal growth.

Dream About Dead Coffin indicates your ability to offer support and nurturance others. You have a zest for life. You need to get out more and enjoy yourself. Your dream is triumph and a great accomplishment. You are flexible and understanding in your thinking.

Dream about Seeing Yourself Dead In A Coffin stands for your desires to fully express your emotions. You are compromising your own values and beliefs. You are seeking protection from some intense energy or power. Your dream is an important message from a divine power. You will be rewarded for the good things you have done for others.

Sometimes, dream about seeing yourself dead in a coffin signifies a relationship where you are feeling constricted and confined. You are feeling unsatisfied in some area of your life. You are unsure of your social skills. Your dream is an indication for a superficial and reversible mistake in your life. You may be trying to break-up with someone who you are attracted to, but can’t be with.

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I see myself inside the coffin dressing long white dress also white coffin and I looked back a black suit man I saw but ignore him


Today, I’ve dreamed of seeing myself inside the coffin smiling. I felt sad that I never get to say goodbye to my Love ones.Some people can still see me including my partner, parents & bestfriend. Since my partner can see my spirit, I asked him how did I die. He told me that I went somewhere far away, said goodbye and never came back. (Suicide) But my previous dream shows I was abused and tortured but I escaped. Only to find out Im dead and saw my face &coffin.

Zodwa Mahlase

Dreaming that me and one of my children are in a coffin trying to tighten it so that we can fit in a cow and a goat,and after tightening it I sit and ask the child I wonder how will it be like when a person is dead and alone in his coffin


For the past two nights I have dreamt of seeing myself laying dead in a casket.